The core of our curriculum is designed
to develop critical thinking skills
and to increase moral and civic awareness.


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PNG University of Technology academic life is centered around its 13 Academic Departments, which provide advanced level teaching in the subjects of commerce, accountancy, management, commercial computing, agriculture, computer science, architecture and building, applied science, applied physics with electronics and instrumentation, radiation therapy, food technology, mining, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, communication engineering, electronic engineering, forestry, language &  communication, surveying, cartography and land management, with the range of courses expanding as its resources grow.  One pleasing feature of recent years has been the steady growth in the number of female students, thus adding to the variety of both the academic and social life of the University as well as improving the “balance” of the community as a whole.

The University attracts a number of mature students, but the bulk of its students come from the National High and Secondary Schools.  Recruitment is at grade 12 level and equivalent. 

» Department of Agriculture
» Department of Applied Physics
» Department of Applied Sciences
» Department of Architecture & Building
» Department of Business Studies
» Department of Civil Engineering
» Department of Electrical & Communication Engineering
» Department of Mechanical Engineering
» Department of Mining Engineering
» Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
» Department of Communication & Development Studies
» Department of Forestry
» Department of Surveying & Land studies

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