A Letter of Invitation will be sent by e-mail within 48 hours of registration (completed on a week day by 12 noon AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)) as proof that your paper submission and registration applications are received by the conference registration committee. It will be written in English and may help with your visa application. However, it does not guarantee you a visa.

Invitation letters will only be issued automatically if your registration and payment have been completed on line.

To request an invitation letter if you are unable to register on-line, send an e-mail  to us (seri.2018@pnguot.ac.pg) with the following details:

  • Completed Registration Form
  • Proof of Registration Fee Payment by you / your employer
  • Scan Copy of Passport (Photo Page Only). Not required for PNGUOT/ other local PNG National Participants

ALL overseas participants require an ‘entry visa or permit’ to enter Papua New Guinea.Australian Passport Holders can obtain visa on arrival.

Please note that the Organizing Committee has no control over the visa application process and cannot be held responsible for the decision of the visa adjudicator in the embassy or consulate. The processing period varies widely depending on the country where you lodged your application. You are strongly advised to start your application as soon as you can.

Should your application be denied, we cannot change the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor will we engage in discussion or correspondence with the visa fees; However, your conference registration fees will be refunded less transaction fees.


    2018 SERI Conference