Poster Presentation


Maximum size of a single poster should be (3 m. x 4 m. or less). You must provide your own printout of the poster itself. You are requested kindly requested to set up your poster and remove them at the end of the conference. One of the paper author or co-authors must be present and available to answer questions from participants at the poster session. Posters will be displayed at the foyer of the conference room. Posters do not attract any extra fees.


Presentation time is 15 minutes only. 5 minutes for questions and discussions. The paper must be presented by one of the authors or  co-authors. Oral presentations are to be made either using your laptop or the conference laptop that will be available in the conference presentation room. Your laptop must have standard 15 pin VGA output female pin.

Prior to your allocated time slot, please come to the session room with your laptop or USB to preview your presentation power point file (min font size 40) with the help of our ‘student volunteers’.


Email: for any other queries about the 2018 SERI Conference.

Please download the power point template at Download



    2018 SERI Conference