Tours and Social Outing for conference guests and dependants

  • Lae City Tour
  • Visit to The Habitat, PNGUOT
  • Visit to Lae Yacht Club and Busama Village.


Lae city is a comfortable low density commercial capital city of Morobe Province in PNG.

It is pleasant to visit Lae all year round because of its mild (21°C - 28°C about 70°F - 82°F) temperature range. Lae enjoys abundant sun, low pollution and clear skies despite it is the manufacturing hub of PNG. There are no winters. The two seasons comprise of the Dry Season November to May) and the Wet Season ( June to October ) . The popular Morobe show holds annually in the month of October.

PNG Currency Kina divided into 100 toea.  (3 Kina is about 1 US Dollar ($)
Kina Notes 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Kina
Coins 5, 10, 20 and 50 toea, and 1 Kina.
Buying Power

A 330ml can of Coca Cola at the shops is 2 Kina (more at the hotel bars)

                   1.5L bottled water is between 2.4 Kina and 4.5 Kina

                   Can of Heinz Baked Beans ~ 5 to 7 kina

Time Zone UTC (+10:00) 
Country Code + 675

Photo of  decommissioned RAAF plane at the Botanical Gardens

Please see conference program for details. (More Pictures & Tour maps coming soon)


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