Bursary is the key important department and is responsible for day to affairs of finance and accounting function of the university and accountable for every kina of investment in education and report transparently.

Bursary is headed by Bursar who is the CFO of the university and member of the senior executive management team. Bursary is managing the resources economically, efficiently and effectively to improve financially sustainability of the University.

There are twenty one smartest staffs working within the bursary to look after payroll, payable, student fee receivable and budget. Payroll is servicing to thousand plus employees and taking care of their fortnightly pay and retirement benefits. Income section is catering to more than 3000 campus student community and 12000+ off campus students through DODL and Service unit is taking care of books shop, printery, clinic and other services related to student and staff.  Payable section is responsible for pay the bills in time and trying to induct more preferential suppliers to improve the overall efficiency and achieve the UNITECH’s goals.


Excellence in Financial Management through Teamwork


Train Bursary staffs continuously to improve their competence and skills for discharging the duties more efficiently


To provide the high quality service to the stakeholders to achieve objectives within the financial resources and enhance the long term financial sustainability.


  • T. Diraviam Tharmaraj B.Com., M.Com. ACMA, CPA-PNG
  • Phone                  : 4734300
  • Email ID               : Diraviam.tharmaraj@pngout.ac.pg     

Executive Secretary

  • Jacqueline Thomas
  • Phone                  : 4734301

Deputy Bursar

  • Peter Likius
  • Phone                  : 4734302

Financial Accountant

  • Leleota Tenakani
  • Phone                  : 4734220

Assistant Accountant (Payroll)

  • Nicky Mambere
  • Phone                  : 4734223

Assistant Accountant (Income)

  • Alice Rubam
  • Phone                  : 4734308

Assistant Accountant (Payable)

  • Samson Toluaina
  • Phone                  : 4734307

Assistant Accountant (Budgetary Control)

  • Lenox Shongo
  • Phone                  : 4734304

Assistant Accountant (Service Units)

  • Ruben Kalate
  • Phone                  : 4734309