Estates and Services

The Estate and Services is responsible for the Management of the following sections:

  1. Maintenance
  2. Housing and Grounds
  3. Stores & Transport
  4. Projects


The section looks after and does maintenance to the Academic Area, Student Dorm and Staff Housing areas.

Housing and Grounds

This section deals with the allocation and maintenance of Housing for the staff of the University.Also takes care of the Whole campus grounds.

Below are some of their functions:

  • Makes sure that houses are allocated accordingly
  • Makes sure that houses are maintained for new appointees
  • Takes care of water and power queries
  • Takes care of the campus cleanliness

Stores & Transport

This section provides the Transportation services and consumable supplies for the entire Campus

  • Takes care of the stationaries/consumables for all the Departments
  • Assists all Departments/Campus community with their transport requests
  • Takes care of vehicles that needs a mechanic’s attention
  • Looks after the fuel for all the University vehicles