We are excited to announce that the PNG University of Technology Alumni Inc. is duly registered and was officially launched on the 5th April, 2018 by Hon. Richard Maru, OBE, MP, Minister for National Planning.

Since the first four Papua New Guinean graduates in 1970, the university has produced over 20, 000 graduates in the last 50 years, many of whom have been instrumental in the development of the country in various capacities.

With this amount of graduates together with the wealth of knowledge and experience put together over the last 50 years, the university saw this as an opportune time to focus on  setting up its alumni network to bring together its alumni to collaborate, network and bring much more meaningful development to the university, community, province and nation as a whole.

The Alumni Interim Executive Committee is led by Interim President Mr Ernie. Gangloff, who is an alumnus of the university. Ernie is supported by members of the Alumni Interim Committee which include Vice Interim President, Ms Carolyn Pia’afu; Committee Members: Brian Alois, Brian N'Drelan, Priscilla Kevin,  James Gore, Christopher Dobunaba, Sheryl Makara and Executive Officer, Hilda Tona.