Almost all departments at UNITECH are recording or managing student assessment data manually or using Spreadsheets. Maintaining continuous student assessment data in such a way is hard to maintain and cannot be easily managed over time as it requires a lot of laborious inputs involved in processing the results such as entering formulae’s in Spreadsheets. This may lead to students’ marks being easily misplaced or miscalculated.

One of the major problems for lecturers in processing student assessment marks is that when it comes to the end of semester, the lecturers face up with a hassle of workload calculating marks, percentages and grading. Most of the time lecturers spend sleepless nights doing manual calculations to produce accurate results such as ranking, position, and grading, calculating percentages. The lecturers spend their valuable time on these erroneous tasks which could be used for teaching or doing other things such as carrying out research.

Another critical problem that we are trying to address is in terms of data security. Often times students’ sensitive information becomes susceptible to tampering and data corruption when not handled properly. It’s is important that we keep the raw assessment information securely stored so when we have issues raised regarding a student’s assessment results, we can easily recover.

Furthermore, how do we keep track of individual student performance over period of study program? When we don’t keep the raw data for each student over the term of the degree program, it’s hard to tell, whether the student has improved or not.

To address, these problems, an innovative idea has been introduced to solve these issues. We designed and developed the software system at Mathematics and Computer Science department. Furthermore, this is an initiative to go paperless and to save the university to reduced spending on buying papers.

Conducted by

Mr Lenz Nerit.


Seminar Date: 
Friday, August 25, 2017 - 11:00