June 05 every year marks the World Environment Day. World Environment Day is the UN's most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Since it began in 1974, it has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries.

The theme of each World Environment Day is organized around an issue that focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern. The theme for 2018 is “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

During this year World Environment Day, the UNITECH Forestry Department has reached out to the community to promote the theme of the World Environment Day 2018 “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

On behalf of the UNITECH Forestry Department, Dr. Cossey Yosi presented the theme of the World Environment Day “Beat Plastic Pollution” to the staff and students of Lanakapi Primary School near Bumayong in Lae, Morobe Province.  

Dr. Yosi also presented World Environment Day Posters and tree seedlings to the School as a token of the PNG University of Technology’s commitment to reach out to the community in such occasion as the World Environment Day 2018.

In his speech to the staff and students of the Lanakapi Primary School, Dr. Yosi said that the young people of today’s generation had a NO CARE attitude that contributes to many negative impacts on the environment. People do not dispose-off rubbish including plastic bags in proper places. They throw rubbish any where they like and into drains and river systems in their communities. This rubbish clogs up the running water systems and causes environmental pollution. And when the rubbish including plastic bags are washed into our seas, the toxins and other chemicals pollute our marine resources causing the fishes and other sea plants and animals to die.

Dr. Yosi also gave some global statistics of what happens when a plastic material was not dispose-off properly but thrown away into the environment. He said, research showed that when a plastic bag was thrown away into the environment, it took about 80 years to decay hence, during those 80 years of decomposition, toxins from the plastic bags polluted the environment.

Dr. Yosi also met with the Lanakapi Primary School Administration and called for a collaborative arrangement between the UNITECH Forestry Department and the Primary School so that each year on 05 June, staff and students of the Department could get engaged with their Primary School and promote the World Environment Day Theme to the staff and students of Lanakapi Primary School and also the nearby communities.



Bulolo University College Participates in 2018 Open Day event at Unitech

Bulolo University College (BUC) recently participated at the PNG UniTech Open Day event which was held on the 08th of June 2018 at the Department of Forestry, Taraka campus.  The Open Day event was organized by Unitech for all its Departments.  The theme for this year’s Open Day was “Unitech for Building Career Pathway for Our Young Children”.  Over 30 Bulolo University College students participated at the Open Day event.

This year’s Open Day event brought in many students from all secondary schools within Lae City visiting different departments to learn more about the programmes been run by each department and particularly for students interested in studying at Unitech.

This was an opportunity for Bulolo University College to showcase its courses and programme.  It was a great experience for the students of Bulolo University College to take part in the Open Day event to showcase the courses and programmes run at Bulolo campus.  The students showed enthusiasm and were confident in handling questions that were raised by interested students and public that visited the stall.  Two of the Bulolo University College staff currently taking up Post Graduate studies at Unitech also showcased their research projects.  The displays were mainly in four thematic areas that included Foundation Science, Forest Science, Forest Operations and Forest Management.