Welcome to the homepage of the Civil Engineering department at the PNG University of Technology, in Lae City. 

The Department serves the Civil Engineering Industry in PNG and the Pacific through its graduates and also in the research and development work, consultancy services, and the community through its community service (on request).

The Department of Civil Engineering is the oldest in the University having been established with the University at its inception, first as the Institute of Technology and its upgrade to the University status

The Department offers both Undergraduate (one BE degree only) and several Postgraduate programmes.  The BE programme has been on-going while the PG programmes have been introduced gradually over the past few years.  The PG programmes include: MPhil, MSC; and ME, and PhD.  Students for the PG programmes include both Nationals and overseas candidates, the latest being from the Caribbean (MPhil, 2016) .  The MSc and ME programmes will commenced in 2017.

The Department is in the process of organising its Alumni membership, currently listing up to 1984 have been completed.  This will help us place on record our graduates and keep track of their progress in the field and in their careers, in order to gauge the contribution of our programme(s) and impact on the development of PNG and beyond.

The accreditation of our UG programme with the Washington Accord has started.  This we believe will place our programme at par with the rest of the world so that our graduates can compete with confidence.  There are already graduates who are successfully working and living in several overseas countries including Australia; New Zealand ; Britain; and, the Pacific. Many of our graduates have also successfully gained PG qualifications both in-country and overseas.  They are taking up positions of responsibility with multi-national organisations and other organisations in PNG, including Government departments.

Efforts to modernise the Department to meet accreditation requirements have started with the renovation of classrooms and laboratories, including installation of new equipment.  This work is on-going and will take some time to complete.

Mr. Chris A Kobal
Head (Chair) of the Department
Department of Civil Engineering, PNG University of Technology,
Private Mail Bag, Lae 411,Morobe, PNG