Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Communication and Development Studies (CDS) at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology! We strive to be a leading humanities and social science based academic department in Papua New Guinea and in the Pacific Islands Region. The department’s mission is to develop and offer relevant academic courses and professional programs, to initiate and carry out theoretically grounded policy research, and to provide engaged community service. All of these activities are aimed at cultivating broad human knowledge and appropriate skill sets and levels, developing innovative and creative abilities, and instituting discipline and proper conduct of behaviour in the larger society.

CDS Department is one of the thirteen academic departments located at the Taraka campus. The department is offering a degree in Bachelor of Technology in Communication for Development Studies (BTCD).  The department also offers offers five post graduate programs, including one certificate, one graduate diploma, two masters’ degree program and a PhD program.

The current Department of Communication and Development Studies began as the Department of English Language in the late 1960s. The Department was initially established to support the science and engineering academic departments mainly to teach English writing skills to students in their academic disciplines; this important function still continues today. Though subject names, contents and codes have changed, the focus on teaching language and communication skills for learning science and technology has remained. With the introduction of google classroom CDS Department has shifted to delivering its teaching through a more flexible mode, hence more accessible just about anywhere around the globe.

Mrs. Mary Aisi
Acting Head (Chair) of the Department
Department of Communication and Development Studies,
PNG University of Technology,
Private Mail Bag, Lae 411,Morobe, PNG