Unitech is planning a major development on its campus in Lae. This will be a new town centre, with a range of offices, shops and a market arranged along a new Main Street.

This development is a city scale project, something never before attempted in PNG by an individual institution. This is a prime example of an institution taking control of its own destiny and working to benefit the community. The new UNI-CITY will allow Unitech to diversify revenue streams, thus extending its income sources beyond government grants. The development is based on the masterplan that was presented to the public to coincide with Unitech’s Golden Jubilee in 2015 and published on the website “In our 50th year of existence as a university we are proud to have presented this plan to the public.” VC Albert Schram.

Unitech is an anchor institution, providing employment and education, as well as housing for its students and teachers. This project will provide additional opportunities to students by creating an environment for technology transfer and the prospect of industry outreach and partnerships, both during development and after it is complete.

Uni-City will also allow Unitech to branch out and facilitate the provision services to the community at large. The current proposal includes sites for a school, medical clinic, market, residential, retail, and commercial activities. New educational facilities could mean that children could go from reading their first words to earning a degree, all on the same campus. The new market will be safe and secure for shoppers and stall holders, with a strong community and good security.

Unitech is the only technological university in the South Pacific outside of Australia and New Zealand, so it attracts the best and brightest from every area of PNG and across the Oceania region. This cultural diversity creates a sense of unity, a shared national and regional identity that is key to forming nationhood. Uni-City will only add to that diversity and unity.

On Friday 25 May, the university officially break ground on the new Dining Hall to replace the mess that was burnt to the ground last year. The beginning of construction for the hall is an important first step towards revitalising the university campus. VC Albert Schram is excited to begin work on the new development, saying: “When these projects will start, they will change forever the face of the campus, and of the garden city of Lae.”

The university is currently inviting expressions of interest from investors, developers, and members of the construction and technological industries to be part of this exciting development.

All information on the Master Plan, Expression of Interest and Architectural Guidance documents  can be found at