Hey!, welcome to our website of Applied Physics department, PNG University of Technology, Lae, Papua New Guinea.

As you search through our website, you will see that we have two courses running. One is Applied Physics with Electronics and Instrumentation. The other one is Radiation Therapy which deals with cancer treatment. The former course is the most demanding course at the moment as so many developments are going on in the country that most employers who recruited our graduates prefer to continue recruiting more. There are some reasons why our course is demanding. Firstly, we have enough qualified and more committed lecturers who have been transferring knowledge to students. Secondly, the course structure is developed in such a way that the students developed more analytical skills by imparting more mathematical skills. Thirdly, the students study most or all of the application to Physics or a broad application such as; bit of geology, environmental physics, electronics, instrumentation, physics and many more.

The later course, deals with cancer treatment with the health department’s ANGAU Cancer Ward. Students do their clinical practise at ANGAU Cancer Ward with real people and real machine. Most of our lecturers are Medical doctors and Radiation Therapist from ANGAU who teach the courses from their vast experiences.

We are also running graduate courses in the department for Applied Physics course. There is a huge demand for Physics teachers and lecturers in the country and the department is encouraging students with very good GPAs to go for post graduate program in the department. We are offering Masters and PhD program for any interested person with proper background.

Dr. Gabriel Anduwan
Head (Chair) of the Department
Department of Applied Physics,
PNG University of Technology,
Private Mail Bag, Lae 411,Morobe, PNG