The Department of Information & Communication Technology Services (ICTS) manages, supports and promotes effective and efficient use of ICTS for administration, academic and other research activities. ICTS is committed to delivering quality customer service and technical solutions in the academic and administrative environment of the PNGUOT community.The Department of Information & Communication Technology Services (ICTS) supports and promotes intelligent use of information and communications technologies (ICT) for educational and managerial effectiveness and efficiency throughout the University.

As a key resource of the University, ICTS provides strategic support for the realization of the University's corporate objectives, values, and development goals through an ITS Master Plan that establishes the framework for further development of the entire ICT infrastructure.

ICT Mission

To provide ICT infrastructure to support existing study programs of the University and lead change in the delivery of course materials by making available the means through the effective use of modern ICT systems.

ICT Structure

ICT Staff

The current ICT department is located in the HAUS EUROPA building next to the Matheson Library and opposite the road to the Applied Science department. The building is walled with tinted classes and housed 6 computer laboratories, 3 lecture theatres in the ground flour and the 1st floor is where the ICT department office is located. There are currently about 33 staff working under ICTS distributed among other service divisions as well. 

Current Staff Profiles

ICT History

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department used to be known as Computer Centre during the 60s until the early 80s was responsible for the support of the Prime mainframe Computer System of the 60s. It was later in the 80s that the mainframe was replaced by the microcomputers, PCs connected and networked by the Novel operating system for computer resource sharing. During that time Mr. Brian Nicol was the Head of the Computer Centre and later replaced by Mr. Brain Vroone. Mr. Nicol returned again after 2 years to replace Mr. Vroone with 10 staff members working under him namely:

Mr. Brian Vroon – Computer Center Manager
Mr. Limbie Kelegai – Systems Analyst Mr. Nicholas Kuringi – Systems Analyst
Mr. Wali Tau Vali –  Programmer
Ms. Agnes Kapipi – Programmer
Ms. Margaret Solok – Programmer
Ms. Marilyn Mecky – Systems Administrator
Mrs. Agnes Wandau – Computer Operator
Mr. Gary Thaduran –  Support Staff
Mr. Raj Singh and  - Support Staff
Ms. Elizabeth Aibung – Secretary

First ICT Staff

The centre was located in the Sandover building and remain there for about 20 years until 2007 when the department was relocated to Haus Europa building funded by the European Union.

In 1997, with the coming of the Internet to PNG, the Centre was renamed Information Technology Services (ITS) department and the first Director Dr. Robin Johnson who was a lecturer with the Maths and Computer Science department was appointed. The department expanded with the inclusion of the Post and Telecommunication Section and the Electronic Service Unit of the university increasing its number of staff to 30. ITS under Unitech became the custodian of the Domain Name Services in the country playing an important role in the distribution of the Internet services in the country.

Dr. Robin Johnson resigned from his post in 1999 and Mr. Paul Mclean became the Acting Director for the next 5 years. Next ITS director Dr. Dietrich Splettstoser was appointed Director in 2004 however, like his predecessors he also resigned after 6 months of services and Mr. Mclean resumed his duties as Acting Director for the next two years until his resignation in 2005. Mr. Berry Amos was Acting Director and in 2011 he was appointed the Director of the ITS department. During his Directorship Mr. Amol was responsible for the renaming of the ITS department to what is now known as the ICT department.

The ICT department now comprise of 45 staff members serving under 4 divisions: The System Development, Hardware & Software Maintenance, Networking and Communication and Electronics Service and Repair division. The current Director Mr. Venu Gopal of Indian Nationality was appointed in April 2017 and has been in charge of the department since then.