ICT Divisions

The Department's responsibilities are organized into five functional areas:

  • Networking and Communications
  • Hardware and Systems Administration
  • Systems Development
  • Systems Maintenance
  • User Support and Services

ICTS is responsible for ICT hardware and software planning, evaluation, selection, acquisition, development, implementation and maintenance. It is also in charge of managing the campus network and the internet services.

ICTS maintains central servers and computer laboratories for use by students, as well as several computer-based information systems (IS), supporting the Unitech management and administration, including the academic register and student records system, the financial IS, the human resources system, and the library system. The Department also provides general software and hardware support services for staff.

As a key resource of the University, ICTS provides strategic support for the realization of the University's corporate objectives, values, and development goals through an ITS Master Plan that establishes the framework for further development of the entire ICT infrastructure.