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The Uniforce was established by the approval of the University Council and is gazetted under the University of Technology Act, which has a total of about 120 men, which includes the administration team. The Team leader is best called the Chief Security Officer, the position that is equivalent to Senior Assistant Registrar. The security operation is guided by the University main VISION, MISSION statements and the VALUES, however the unit also has its own vision, mission and values that are guided by the work we do. The security has a 24/7 operation within the campus mending all exits, residential areas, student lodges, admin and academic departments with the well trained and experience security officers. Uniforce also provide VIP escort, airport transfers and any other duties as and when required by the University management team. Security service is a support unit, which falls directly under Pro Vice Chancellor Administration, Vice Chancellor and the Senior Executive Management Team (SEMT). University also housed 5 national Police officers, within the campus assisting the security team in the maintenance of law and order within the campus and surrounding communities. 

Uniforce has security officers in other sister colleges which includes;

  • Main Taraka Campus have a total of 80 operational men,
  • Bulolo University College (BUC) has 16 operational men
  • Timber & Forestry Training College (TFTC) has a total of 20 operational men
  • Lae School of Nursing – yet to be established, currently under private arrangement 

Our Vision 

The Vision of the University of Technology Fire and Security Department is to provide a high quality accessible security services and trained security professional with equate logistical support that strives to provide a crime-free and safe environment through strategic policing, integrity, respect and strong community partnerships with the University community that helps foster safety and security on campus.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide campus security services which enhance and support the Unitech cores Mission, Vision and Value statement of Papua New Guinea University of Technology. 

We ensure that the safety and security of all students, faculty, staff and their dependents contribute to making Unitech a safe, nurturing environment for learning. We unsure all Unitech assets are looked after by working in partnership with the community, we strive to promote public safety and crime prevention through education and enforcement and to maintain public order. We aim to promote a safe and welcoming environment which recognizes and is respectful of diversity, which improves the quality of campus life for students, faculty and staff, through community participation and engagement.

The Security Philosophies

We Values

We base our security practices on the principles of service, ethics, professionalism and diversity. As Security Officers we are entrusted with the authority to maintain the public peace and we will not compromise our values.


We will always listen to the needs and the concerns of the Senior Management, Students, Faculty members and our community and follow through to ensure those needs and concerns are addressed.


We will do our duty to the best of our ability, the welfare and safety of our students’ faculty members and community as a whole.

Our Service

We value the privilege to serve our community effectively and equitably. We respect and acknowledge the importance of a combined effort by all members of this University in maintaining a peace and harmonious relationship by all in the prevention of crime, public and students’ disorders and unethical behaviors by students, faculty members, staff and dependents of the University of Technology. We are committed in providing a united security and policing effort.

Our Ethics

We value honesty and integrity, and will demonstrate these values in all of our actions. We are accountable for maintaining the public’s trust with the highest ethical standards and adherence to Security Department policy, as well as the rules and regulation of the PNG University of Technology.

Our Professionalism

We value commitment, responsibility and clear direction. We achieve professionalism through teamwork, creativity and continual self-improvement.

Our Integrity

 We will hold ourselves to the highest standard of truth. Our word is based on our bond and our behaviour is of highest standard.

We Value Diversity

We value our differences and acknowledge that our unique backgrounds bring strength to our organization and community. We strive to reflect the community we serve and respect the skills, knowledge and abilities of one another.

The Department Logo


These Logos of the Security and Fire Service department was designed since the security service had established in 1970.

Security Department History

The Security and Fire Service of the University of Technology best known as, Taraka Campus was established in 1970 with only the two security guards. In 1973 the University moved from Port Moresby to Lae. The institution at that time was called Papua New Guinea Institution of Technology was then eventually changed to Papua New Guinea University of Technology, by that time the Security manpower had increased by two more guards made up to four guards.

These four security guards were assigned only to work at the main gate on day shift only, during this time there was no Chief Security Officer, or Assistant Chief and Supervisors. It was only the guards worked who worked under the supervision and direction of the Registrar who was Mr. Tommy Gee. Gradually the security manpower increased up to nine guards and went on with no proper communication and logistical support to effectively run the security operations on campus, until in 1980’s they started getting support as the University expands and gain it full status.

About the same time in the 1980s, the University decided to recruit the first Chief Security Officer who was the former senior commissioned police officer, Mr. Sali Messa. Full responsibilities of Security responsibility was then handed over the Chief Security Officer / Security Manager by the University Registrar which was formally under Registrar. As the academic department intensives, the security personnel continue to increase to about 20 men with a Suzuki vehicle allocated for security patrol and other related duties.

Over the years Unitech has gone through some of the major changes and restructuring of its employees and to its academic and services department to meet the current turn of changes that is taking place around the globe where security is one of these department within the University that has gone through these changes in order to meet the international standard. There were about five Chief of Security appointed over the years with different officers’ succeeding each other.

Chief Security Officers who has been the managers from 1979 to 2016

1st        Chief Security Officer was - Mr. Sali Messa,

2nd       Chief Security Officer was - Mr. Andrew Kitan,

3rd      Chief Security Officer was - Mr. Patrick Sakail,

4th      Chief Security Officer was - Mr. Yawin Saim,

5th      Chief Security Officer was - Mr. William Wareka

6th        Current Chief Security Officer - M. Alex Warren