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Department Organisational Structure

Strength and Services

The current Chief of Security, Mr. Alex Warren,joined the University security in August 2015, and under the administration of Mr. Alex Warren and Assistant Chief Security Officer, Mr Kevin Lesley we now have the total manpower of more than 100 Officers including that at Bulolo University College and Timber & Forestry Training College.

Security Management Team

The security manpower is divided into the following categories;

Police Service at the Campus.

Two (2) regular Police officers, the Officer In charge is Senior Constable Carl Niti and Policewoman Constable Alice Hay. They are fulltime officers who reside and work within the campus by assisting the Reserve and the security officers in maintaining law and order within the campus.

The total deployment for the University is five (5) Police, however their replacement has been beefed up by the Reserve Police Officers.

Reserve Police Officers at Unitech.

  • Four (4) of the Reserve Police officers are in the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary National Reserve status; are
  • Reserve Sergeant Robin Aneamo
  • Reserve Senior Constable Firman Tirima
  • Reserve Constable Romeo Sunam
  • Reserve Constable Waine Wemen

Additional Unitech graduated 25 security officers under the Special Memorandum of Understanding with the RPNGC which saw the twenty (23) male including two (2) female officers graduated after a six (6) week of intensive Police training conducted by the Police training staff at the Police Training centre at Lae, MP. The inclusion of these officers added more flavour and additional manpower in policing duties at the campus, which saw campus with effective policing duties for the deterrence and apprehension of law breakers and maintain a safer environment. These Reserve Police officers form part of the total number of one hundred and twenty (120) security officers.

Students Hall of Residence (male & female)

In collaboration with the Student Service Department and the University Senior Management, the entire Hall of residents were fenced as a security measure to deter intruders and criminals from entering the student halls to steal and commit other offences. This exercise was supported by allocation of 10 additional security officers to keep watch over the male hall of residence, whilst four female were recruited to keep watch over the female hall of residence. 

 The security operation is structured on a 24/7 with four (4) shifts on duty with full time security coverage on the ground. Security is covered all around within the campus area.

Bulolo University College and Timber & Forestry Training College (Sister Campus) 

Bulolo and Timber College campuses have a total of 18 security officers each with a Security Supervisor each managing the campuses. Both supervisors directly to the Chief Security Officer at the main Taraka campus. All requirement including the rules that govern the campus is all same as the main Unitech, Taraka campus.