Acquisitions Program

The Acquisitions Program presents an opportunity to contribute directly and immediately toward the purchase of outstanding books and other materials that are relevant in support of the University’s programs of teaching, learning and research to add to the Library’s collection. 


Acquisitions section strives to further its efforts for an efficient workflow while maintaining good relationship and customer service with all partners in academia and book trade to work collaboratively for the benefit of the teaching, learning and researcher needs of the University.

Mission Statement

To acquire relevant and-up-to date information and materials on timely basis in support of the Library’s mission


  • To acquire and process all incoming materials received by the library
  • To allocate book budget to academic departments for the purchase of library books
  • To spend and monitor library book and periodical budgets
  • To monitor and maintain all library orders and receipts
  • To liaise with book vendors on matters regarding the book orders and receipts
  • To prepare and process invoices for the Bursary for payment
  • To coordinate the library liaison program and book selection process of the library and the academic departments
  • To evaluate and update the library collection on regular basis

Library Liaison Program

The aim of this Program is to co-ordinate the book selection process of the Library and the academic departments where by each academic department appoints a staff member to serve as the department’s representative to the library. He or she may assists in the selection of materials and from time to time review the strengths and weaknesses in the collection.

Likewise a librarian is appointed as a liaison person with each academic department and meets on a regular basis with the department to exchange information about curriculum developments and needs of the department and issues relating to the library. The liaison program will expedite the flow of information between the academic departments and the library, thus enabling the library to provide better service to departments

Book Selection Process

The process of selecting library materials for the collection is the joint responsibility of the academic departments and library through the Library Liaison Program.  While there is no distinct division of labor, every academic and technical staff is asked to participate in the book selection process by working with the liaison librarian assigned to their department to select appropriate and relevant library materials in their subject area. The library depends upon the academic departments to provide subject knowledge and expertise needed to help evaluate the library collection and select additional titles for purchase.


The Library welcomes any gifts and donations of books and other relevant materials that will support the student learning and the University's programs of teaching, learning and research

Donations are added according to the same selection criteria as purchased materials and are subject to the same conditions as existing collections, including processing, retention, location, use and disposal. Donated materials become the property of the Matheson Library and cannot be claimed back at a later date.

Donations of rare items/materials, manuscripts, books and other materials that are significant to the University, the Morobe Province and PNG in general are welcome.

Matheson Library – Collection Development

Collection Development Statement

In accord with the mission of the University, and the Matheson Library’s Mission Statement, “the Library provides instruction and information resources for education, research, individual exploration and information literacy” the Library will select, acquire, make accessible, and preserve materials that support the University's academic programs.

The guidelines will be used to assure consistent and balance growth of the collection, to provide guidance to those library personnel responsible for developing the collection, and to communicate those guidelines to faculty, staff and students. These guidelines will be periodically reviewed and as the programs and other information needs of the University curriculum changes, the collection guidelines will be revised and updated to reflect those needs.

Acquisition Librarian and Faculty Head initiate most purchase requests. Faculty, other staff and Students are also encouraged to suggest additions to the collection. See Online Book Request Form to make a book request. However, it is noted that the appropriate academic Department Heads must approve all faculty request. Librarians with liaison responsibilities work with faculty from Subject Area Committees (SACs) to ensure that materials which support the instructional programs of the University are added to the collection. Recommendations from instructional faculty are particularly important in building a collection that supports student success.      

Materials that meet the needs of our students, faculty, staff and the curriculum are given priority. The Library will strive to keep resources current (up to date) and to develop collections that reflect the intellectual freedom and cultural diversity of our society. Materials will be acquired in a variety of formats (in print, non-print and electronic sources). By balancing programmatic needs within the fiscal realities of the University budget, the Library hopes to serve as a resource for the PNGUOT community and our region.