Interlibrary loan is the sharing of library resources between libraries, the cooperative exchange of items among institutions for the purpose of fulfilling the informational needs of their patrons usually on a reciprocal basis.  

No library can contain all information, therefore, this system (ILL) has been developed to fill in the information gaps of a library.

This is a common understanding amongst libraries throughout the world.


Document Delivery is a fee based service in the cooperative exchange system. Delivery of information or documents is usually prompt. The cost differs depending on the different levels of service. (See Service Levels)

The Document Delivery service is provided to support university and academic related research and teaching therefore, may not be used to request materials for work for private employers, for personal, for non-university research, or for recreational reading. Document Delivery service is provided only to current academic and administrative staff and registered students of this institution, excluding all other categories of users.

Our main Document Delivery Suppliers

  British Library

  Librariesaustralia

All requested information is sourced from the British Library which contains ninety percent of the world’s information.

Libraries Australia, the consortium of libraries in Australia is the next major supplier of Information as per request from our users.


All requests for information by the Matheson Library are serviced by this Document Delivery Suppliers. The cost of their services varies depending on their service levels. Basic service levels include: Rush or Urgent which is 2, 24, and 48 hours or Standard. The minimum for standard service is between 5-7 days. Rush orders attract higher charges, while standard service costs are lower. (See Cost below)



Borrowing of books from other libraries is restricted to academic staff, 3rd and 4th years and Post-Graduate students. However, photocopied articles may be requested by all who are eligible to use this special service.

Photocopied articles

From books, journals, and conference proceedings.

Other items

CD-ROMs, films Dissertations, etc are not usually loaned by supplying libraries


The Turn–around Time, that is, from the time the request for information is lodged to the time it is received by Matheson library is usually two weeks. However, may take less than 5 days for electronic articles, or longer for books, depending on services levels (See above) and response time of the lending library. Therefore, it is advisable to take note of the difference in service levels, and the turn-around time when planning to use this service.

Formal request for information should be made two weeks in advance from the date it is required or earlier to avoid inconveniences.


Current Staff and registered students of this university, excluding DODL students


Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

Service is free only to current academic staff and registered students.

Other users who wish to use this service should consider the cost per article provided.


*$12- $24


*£25 - £70









K40 - K70


K99 – K189

*All charges include copyright fees

The total cost per item may be higher or within the range given depending on the copyright fees. 

ILL Policy and practice


 The purpose of the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service is to obtain materials not immediately available in the Papua New Guinea University of Technology’s Matheson Library collection for the educational and research needs of the University community. This may include books, journal articles, and documents. Other items that may be hard to obtain include audio visual and archival materials, reference works, rare and original items, including PNG materials. The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service obtains materials from other libraries, both in this country and abroad. Our traditional document suppliers are the British Library and Libraries Australia. The service includes interlibrary borrowing, apart from reciprocal borrowing and the purchase of articles from commercial document suppliers. Matheson Library endeavors to fill all requests as quickly as possible and within the specified turn-around time making maximum use of commercial vendors for photocopy requests within budgetary constraints.


Interlibrary loan and Document Access service is provided to facilitate the academic-related research for staff, students, and the academia. The Matheson Library also endeavors to fill in the Information gaps it experiences.

This service is only available to current registered members of this university and is not available to alumni, guest researchers, DODL students or our external borrowers. Staff and Students from the School of Nursing are advised to contact their Librarian regarding Inter Library Loan and Document Access services. Members of Bulolo Forestry and Timber and Forestry Training Colleges are advised to do likewise. ILL service is provided to libraries and not to individuals.

Cost of Services

All fees charged by other libraries for supplying materials through the Inter Library Loan are paid for by the Matheson Library.

There are a few exceptions to this general rule:

  • Matheson Library will not be responsible for paying any fees including postage for arrangements done outside other than through this library.
  • Overdue fees are the responsibility of the borrower, including any replacement cost for the loss of item(s).

Advance notice will be given for any charges incurred and or payment required.

Users of ILL services are also responsible for prompt payment of any overdue fines and/or replacement costs arising from their requests

All payments must be done at the Cashier in the Accounts office and receipts submitted to the Interlibrary Loan Office.

Submitting a Request

Before submitting an Inter Library Loan request, ensure that the item is not available or is not owned by Matheson Library. This is done by searching the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). The Library will only make a request to a supplying library for items not immediately available within. (LINK FOR ATHENA)

Contact the Inter Library Loan Staff if help is required.

Requests can be submitted through the Inter Library Loan Office or electronically via the (ONLINE LINK)

Request forms are available in the library at:

  • The Inter Library Loan Office
  • The circulation Desk
  • Or electronically via (The LINK)

To have your requests processed promptly, please ensure that the Request Form:

  1. Is correctly filled out and complete with accurate information about the item requested (Do not use abbreviations)
  2. Contains the Source of your citation, i.e., where information about an item may be verified.
  3. Has the date after which you no longer need the requested material.
  4. Includes your email address for us to contact you

NOTE:  A separate request is filled out for each item request;Also separate forms are required for Loan (Book requests) and requests for Journal article(s)

Difficult to obtain item(s)

We attempt to fill almost any request submitted, however, the following types of material are often difficult to obtain through interlibrary loan:

  • Recently published items
  • Unpublished items
  •  PNG government departmental publications
  • PNG statistical information
  • Entire volumes or issues of periodicals
  • Reference works
  • Rare books and original manuscripts (Including PNG items)
  • Newspapers and bulky materials in their original format
  • Audiovisual materials and computer software
  • Items from Asia, India, Western Europe, and Theses or Dissertations

Turn-Around Time

The normal turn-around time allowed for requests by Matheson Library is two weeks, from the time a request is lodged to the time it arrives at the library.

Turn-around time in most cases depends on two factors:

1. The supplying library and how soon our request can be filled, and

2. The local postal services (Post PNG) is slow in delivering book requests on time.

There are different levels of service provided by commercial suppliers or libraries that the Matheson Library takes advantage of:

1. Standard Service

Most requests can be filled within five to seven days. Electronic articles are received via email within 24 to 48 hours. Some requests take longer to fill depending on the location, nature and/or availability of the requested item.

2. Rush Requests

In cases of urgent need, Rush requests are attended to within 24 hours.

(You must indicate RUSH in the Date Required field)

Received Requests

Notification is sent out by e-mail when the requested material is received by the library and is available for use.

 Most ILL articles are delivered electronically to your email in PDF format.

Borrowed items (books) can be collected from the Inter Library Loan Office.

Loan Period and Extensions

The loan period or renewal of borrowed item(s) is determined by the Lending Library. In most cases the loan period is usually two to four weeks.

If an extension for loan is required, the Inter Library Office should be notified one week before the item is due (Consult the yellow book mark)

Permission to extend a loan will be sort from the Lending Library and information passed on to the borrower by email whether or not the request for a loan extension has been granted.

Exception: Lending libraries do indicate NO RENEWAL on their item label for which they do not allow an extended loan.

Some Restrictions on Borrowed Items

  • The lending library establishes the conditions under which loaned items may be used.  Special cases include rare, or extremely valuable items which may be restricted for use within the library.
  • Only Staff and Post-Graduate students may be allowed to take loaned items out of the Library.
  • Undergraduate students are required to surrender their ID cards to borrow loaned items as a Special Reserve item for a day and to be used within the library. The borrowed item must be returned before the end of the day.

NOTE:         Failure to comply with the conditions of ILL loan could jeopardize a Borrower’s Interlibrary Loan privileges.

Returning Items

All items on loan MUST be returned by the due date (on the yellow book mark) directly to the Inter Library Loan Office.

Loaned items are subject to recall by the lending library at any time. Failure to return a recalled item by the date indicated will result in a fine and possible suspension of ILL privileges.

NOTE: A fine of K2.00 per day will be charged for ILL materials that are returned after the due date. The fine also applies for recalled items received beyond the recall date.

ILL fines should be paid to the LIBRARY TRUST ACCOUNT at the Cashier’s Office

Continued failure to return ILL materials or to pay fines in a timely manner will result in suspension of a borrower's Interlibrary Loan privileges

Loan policy

The Matheson Library does not loan the following items:

  • All reference materials, including PNG Reference
  • Papua New Guinea Rare books
  • Special Reserve items (Recommended Textbooks)
  • Audio Visual materials


Copyright Compliance

The Interlibrary Loan practice complies with the copyright law of Papua New Guinea as stipulated in the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act 2000. The Matheson Library will endeavor to uphold the copyright law and reserves the right to refuse any request for photocopying if an infringement of the law would occur in fulfilling the request.


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