Friday, March 2, 2018
Application due: 
Friday, March 30, 2018
Job description: 

The Environmental Research & Management Centre (ERMC) established at the PNG University of Technology to promote applied integrative team research in natural, technological and social sciences; in particular, the production, processing and marketing of natural bio-products, using locally designed and produced technology. The long term approach to achieve such outcome would be to seek corporate partnership that is rural focused, project based and is export driven. It is perceived that if this country is to leap forward national academic institutions should take steps in encouraging development of technologies appropriate to PNG to support downstream processing of, agricultural and natural products for local markets resulting from the country’s biological diversity as a starting point to producing skilled people in the processing industry as well as getting involved in the imitation and development of relevant technology.

Duties and responsibilities

The Director is expected to be a research leader capable of maintaining the confidence and cooperation of research centre members; managing effectively and efficiently the research programs and administrative affairs of the research centre; and creating an environment conducive for intellectual and research growth. He or she will report directly to the office of the Vice Chancellor and be responsible for:

  1. promoting and facilitating leading-edge research, including collaborative and interdisciplinary research, in areas related to the goals of the university;
  2. building, and providing sufficient support for, a community of innovative researchers to enhance research capacity at the university and to increase internal and external research opportunities for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students;
  3. developing networks between the research centre and researchers in the field in the public and private sectors, locally, nationally and internationally;
  4. acting as the nexus between the university and the community with respect to research initiatives of mutual benefit;
  5. where applicable, developing mutually beneficial linkages with industry in order to develop partnerships and collaborative research;
  6. transferring knowledge to society through outreach (e.g. collaborative research; seminars; workshops; lectures; websites; publications) and, where applicable, through technology transfer (e.g. collaborative research; contract work; and commercialization of intellectual property);
  7. developing strong linkages with appropriate academic departments and units and adding value to line departments through:
  • aiding faculty and student recruitment and retention by enriching the research environment;
  • advancing curriculum;
  • informing the teaching of colleagues;
  • mounting workshops and seminars;
  • providing interdisciplinary research training and mentoring for undergraduate and graduate students; and
  • regular communication of research centre activities and opportunities for faculty and students involvement.

Administrative Responsibilities

The Director is also responsible for providing administrative leadership such as:

  1. leading strategic planning for the research centre to ensure that the centre’s objectives are aligned with the university’s Strategic Plan objectives;
  2. overseeing the proper discharge of administrative duties of the research centre including supervising personnel, financial management, and operations;
  3. working effectively with the research centre’s governance committee(s);
  4. pursuing the equity goals of the university in the operations of the research centre;
  5. managing the research plan effectively and efficiently, ensuring that accepted standards of research and ethical behaviour are met;
  6. managing the space needs of the research centre in cooperation with appropriate university authorities;
  7. representing the interests of the research centre internally with senior academic administration;
  8. enhancing the reputation of the research centre and the university by undertaking quality research and communicating that research to the society; and
  9. encouraging and supporting the raising of funds for research conducted by the research centre, capital and operating funds, including cooperation with the Alumni and Development Department’s fundraising initiatives
Job Type: 
Full Time

Suitable candidates are invited to send detailed application with curriculum vitae, publication list, summary of her/his educational activity, research interest, and certified copies of qualifications. They should provide names and addresses, including email addresses, fax/phone numbers of three (3) referees, at least one of whom should be a past/present employer or supervisor. Applicants should also give an indication of their earliest availability to take up the appointment.

Applications must be sent by email to by 30th of March 2018. 


The Director should have a have top level scholarly qualifications, experience in the supervision of scientific research, the ability to provide top level teaching based on research and to supervise theses and dissertations as well as documentation of international cooperation in the research fields.

The following will be among the attributes that the Director must have:

  1. Experience of and commitment to academic leadership and management.
  2. Academic credibility with a track record of active, high quality research and of leading research projects.
  3. Proven ability to secure research and/or knowledge of exchange income.
  4. Demonstrable experience in supporting the capture and recording of impact from research projects.
  5. Experience of successful research student supervision.
  6. Ability to innovate in relation to the development of the School’s research and knowledge exchange strategies.
  7. Sound awareness of the changing expectations of key external agencies, e.g. the research councils and government.
  8. Understanding of current issues in Higher Education.
  9. Excellent interpersonal and communications skills.
  10. Team player with a co-operative approach to colleagues.
  11. Adaptable to change.
  12. Resilient under pressure.

Base Salary Range : Professor PGK 83,462 - PGK 102,009 per annum

Base DMA Range : PGK 34,669 - PGK 60,093 per annum

HoD Allowance : PGK 8, 000 per annum

DMA = Domestic Market Allowance

(Level of appointment depends upon qualification and experience)

Vice Chancellor's Office-Environment Research and Management Centre