Acting Vice Chancellor’s Message to the 2018 Graduands

Dr. Ora Renagi - Acting Vice Chancellor

Dear Graduands,

It is with much pleasure that I congratulate you all for your accomplishments in satisfying all          academic requirements and qualifying to graduate in your various professional fields.

You have done well to remain focused and committed, meeting the demand of your enquiring mind, and    expanding the volume of learning.

While time was spent to acquire knowledge in your field of expertise, the act of disciplining yourself to study, helped to develop character within your personality.

It is our joy to see you both grow not only in knowledge, but also in character as you develop a career path towards been an active professional and a good citizen of our country.

PNG is now challenged to apply transformative technology towards responsible and sustainable industrial development.

PNG has huge natural resources for development in areas of agriculture, forest and fisheries. Our geographical and geological advantage is driving developments in the mining, oil, gas and energy sector.

The challenge is then to trickle the benefits of this developments towards improving the standard of living for our people.

The technological skills you acquired during your studies and the industry environment in which modern equipment, software and IT services are available will add value to these developments.

I implore you to approach the workplace with innovation and new ideas and be creative in your thinking and contributing effectively towards the company for which you work.

Otherwise, even without being employed, your creative and innovative mind is able to guide you to become an entrepreneur building on your acquired skills and abilities.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

 Dr. Ora Renagi - Acting Vice Chancellor


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