Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering (ECE) at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology! We continue to serve the energy and communications sector of the local industry of Papua New Guinea and the wider Pacific region, graduating engineers with valuable and up to date knowledge. Times are changing, staff and equipment can be developed from time to time, but the growing number of alumni certifies the necessity of our education activity.

Our Department is one of four engineering departments located at the Taraka campus. We are offering a bachelor degree program with two streams at the final level; power engineering and communication engineering. A third stream specialising in computer engineering will be introduced very soon, with the aim of graduating the first batch of computer engineers in 2020.

The Department was one of the first units under its scope. The past decades – after the foundation and establishment – has elapsed with growing number of tasks, researches and challenges both technically and financially. Now we are writing the years of the so-called information revolution, which is the industrial revolution of the IT sector, and continuing the steps towards an environment-friendly World, taking into account of the electric power generation. We are applying more renewable energy sources than before, which needs special knowledge, not only the past decade’s routines, because we are just getting it touch with the topology and terms of distributed generation and smart grids. Our world is just accelerating. As the Internet is proving to be more and more important in the everyday life – our mobile phones, which are nowadays more smartphones, let us accessing your emails, social networks near everywhere, we can be online near every time –, it needs more and more developments, power and vocational specialists in this field. However, these are the three key fields of our Department – power, communication and computer engineering.

Join us to create the 21st Century here!

Dr. Raj Kumar
Acting Head of Department, Associate Professor