The University employs over 1,577 members of academic, technical and administrative staff.  Many members of staff in senior academic positions are contract officers from overseas with advanced qualifications recognised internationally, but increasing number of Papua New Guineans are joining the ranks of the University‟s senior academic, technical and administrative staff, notable amongst them are the Head of Mechanical Engineering, Professor John Pumwa, Head of Civil Engineering, Professor Yaip Telue and Head of Department of Architecture and Building and the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Cletus Gonduan who were former graduates of this University.


General introduction of staff population, national and  expatriate staff statistics, work culture etc


Work and Live Expatriates

This information is designed to assist you in making plans for your arrival at the University of Technology and to give you an idea of what life is like in Lae and on the campusThe University recognises that each new member of staff will have particular needs and requirements and encourages you to write to your Head of Department. 


The Central Teaching Facilities Consist Of 4 Main Areas;

  1.  Audio Visual Center
  2. Rose Kekedo Convention Center
  3. Duncanson Hall
  4. Haus Europa Ground Floor



Teaching and Learning Methods Unit (TLMU)

The Teaching and Learning Methods Unit (TLMU) is the resource facility and integral implementing arm of the university as it directly impacts teaching and learning. It is dedicated to the University of Technology’s vision “to be the leading innovative, entrepreneurial and student-centered University, contributing to a knowledge-based society in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.” TLMU contributes to this by ensuring a high standard of teaching among the faculty and work to promote teaching and learning as a scholarly activity.


Career Development Office

Unitech has a Career Development Office whose main functions are:

  • To promote localisation of positions (held by non-citizens) at all levels in the University
  • Promote individuals career development and assist in achieving individual career aspirations
  • Contribute towards development of skilled manpower for the effective delivery of services to the University

Staff Office

The Staff Office is made up of the Leave & Travel, Staff Records and Salaries & Grading sections. All these sections report to the Staff Officer.


Staff Unions

There are 3 kind of Unions

  • 1.NASA
  • 2.NCSA-Non-Citizen Staff Association
  • 3.NCS



Non Academic Divisions

The Non Academic divisions are grouped under 3 sections:

  1. Vice Chancellor’s Dept  (VC, DVC & PVCs)
  2. Bursary Dept
  3. Registrar Dept

Staff Portal

Unitech staffs and faculties have access to their staff portal to get access to their resources and avail their services in the campus. It includes maintaining an active profile,get updated info’s about your department, subjects, timetables, assignment coachings. It also keep track of the google classrooms.Unitech staffs can login to the portal with their pnguot email n password.