The Huon Seminar is a major research activity of the PNG University of Technology whereby ideas are invented, innovations in research are shared and relevant issues are discussed among learned professionals. This year’s Seminar is focused on the three pillars of the PNG Vision 2050. These include: Pillar 1: Human Resource Development, Gender, Youth and People Empowerment; Pillar 3: Institutional Development and Service Delivery; and Pillar 5: Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change. Without engineering, science and technology, the above three pillars of the PNG Vision 2050 may not be achieved. The overall objective of vision 2050 is to develop PNG as a happy, healthy, middle-income society. In order for the society to advance, it needs an economy to produce goods for consumption, provide services, and improve the overall quality of life for its citizens.   Similarly, it needs education to prepare its citizens so that they can benefit from what is already known and even add to the world’s body of knowledge. Science, echnology, and engineering are critical to the nation’s prosperity. Just as science and technology have advanced the nations in the developed countries, they will be critical in addressing today’s challenges in our nation.

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Seminar Date: 
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 22:45 to Monday, November 14, 2016 - 22:45
7th Huon Seminar “Achieving Vision 2050 through Higher education,Research, Science and Technology”