The Central Teaching Facilities Consist Of 4 Main Areas;

  1. Audio Visual Center
  2. Rose Kekedo Convention Center
  3. Duncanson Hall
  4. Haus Europa Ground Floor

Audio Visual Center (AV Unit)

The AV Unit is located on the right inside the Matheson Library’s Ground Floor. This is where our main office for CTF is located.

Rose Kekedo Convention Center

  • Main lecture theater — Rose Kekedo Lecture Theatre
  • Lecture rooms — Rose Kekedo Lecture Rrooms 1&2
  • Tutorial rooms — Rose Kekedo Tutorial Rooms 1&2
  • Conference center — Rose Kekedo Foyer

Duncanson Hall

This hall was built and opened in 1974 (42yrs), named after the founding Chancellor of the University. It has the sitting capacity of 488 seats. This hall is mainly used for all sorts of activities like Orientation & Registration, Movie Shows, Conferences, Seminars, Church Services and Lectures. . Duncanson Hall has 36 Sepik-style carved pillars. 

Haus Europa

This House was funded by the European Union and was opened in 2000. It houses the Information Technology Servicers (ITS) on the first floor. The ground floor has two Lecture Theaters on each end of the building and is managed by CTF. 

Other CTF services include, Student/ Staff ID Photos Database, Passport Photos, Personal or Family Photograph, Audio/PA Systems, Video Shooting & Editing, Booking of Lecture Halls, Photocopying and Scanning, Printing and Binding. All services provided are charged.

The buildings, are air-conditioned, spacious and contain the offices of teaching and support staff, classrooms, lecture theatres and general circulation areas.  The new Civil Engineering Central Block is ventilated and mostly utilized and enjoyed as a pleasant working environment for its space and lighting. 

The new Haus Europa and Rose Kekedo Convention Centre are also uniquely designed and are attractive buildings, equipped with modern and sophisticated learning and teaching equipment.