Unitech Farm 

The Farm is located in the Taraka Campus of the Papua New Guinea University of Technology (PNG UniTech), and is about 10-15 minutes drive from the Lae city. The Farm occupies 39 ha of developed land for teaching, research and demonstration work by the students and the academics. It was established in the early 1980s when the Agriculture Faculty was moved from the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) in Port Moresby, to PNG UniTech.

The farm comprises livestock, crops (both perennial and annual) and engineering sections. The engineering section supports the farming activities at the farm with mechanized implements and other equipment.

 Its buildings consist of a main office complex, a layer shed, two piggery sheds, a veterinary, feed storage shed, a goat/sheep shed, a green house and a newly built and licensed cocoa fermentry & dryer. Revenue at the farm is generated through sales of live pigs, broiler chickens (meat birds), ducks, fresh chicken eggs, sheep, goats, and manure (chicken and goat) from the livestock section, and various root, tuber & vegetables crops and dried cocoa beans from the crops section.


The management and operation of the Farm is run by the following personnel:

Acting Farm Manager                 

: Dr. Macquin Maino 

Principal Technical Officer      

: Vacant

Senior Technical Officers  

: Mr. Robert Kei
: Mr. Obed Lou 

General Supervisor 

: Mr. Rex Nongash  

Administration clerk 

: Ms Bumei Zate 


Additionally, the farm has a total of 16 workers that make up the labor force. 


Main Objectives of the Farm are:

1. To generate physical and financial data for teaching, demonstration and research 

2. To provide materials of demonstration and practical training in agricultural techniques. 

3. To provides facilities for research and development work by the University staff and  students. 

4. To create opportunities for the students to have an active and intimate association with farming situations over their study period, and 

5. To generate some revenue from sale of farm produce.

General Contact: 4734451 (Main Office), Farm Manager: 4734460 & 75363425