Rainforest Habitat is a subsidiary of Unitech Development & Consultancy Limited, the business arm of the PNG University of Technology (Unitech). The Rainforest Habitat Guesthouse offers budget accommodation ideal for families, group bookings and back packers, air conditioned conference and training facilities, spacious fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities. The Rainforest Habitat itself occupies 3000sqm and houses a mix of animal and vegetation diversity all enclosed under an 11 metre high canopy. The Rainforest Habitat forms part of the Unitech owned Insect Farming and Trading Agency which is a community development project that provides income for over 1200 village farmers and collectors. The Rainforest Habitat also offers tours in Lae and surrounding areas.

The rugged mountains near Lae are covered in a tangle of rainforest which is home to an assortment of tropical birdlife, butterflies, orchids and creatures which crawl, fly and jump.

The dark and steamy atmosphere of this impenetrable rainforest jungle is recreated at the Rainforest Habitat only nine kilometres from the centre of Lae.

Forest trees, local bananas, tree ferns, flowering orchids and ginger are amongst the 15,000 native and exotic plants found spreading upwards to form a natural protective canopy for the diversity of animals and birdlife below.

Forest wallabies, flying foxes, lizards, green frogs, butterflies and crocodiles add to the large variety of wildlife. The "raunwara" (waterhole) in the centre of the Habitat has species of native fish and turtles and adjoins a swamp where ducks and other waterbirds live.

Over thirty species of birdlife, including the magnificent Raggiana Bird of Paradise, Queen Victoria's Crowned Pigeons, hornbills, parrots, brush turkeys, cassowaries and fruit doves can be found. Raised walkways and waterfalls add to the comfort and enjoyment of the jungle walk. Refreshments are served in the cool fragrance of rainforest foliage. 

The Rainforest Habitat, situated on the campus of the University of Technology, with an area of more than 3,000 square metres is covered by an eleven metre high shade cloth canopy to create an artificial rainforest environment for the study and preservation of native flora and fauna. It forms part of the Unitech owned insect Farming and Trading Agency (IFTA).

A tour through the Gardens provides the visitor with a glimpse of life in the rainforest. Huge trees smothered in vines and creepers are home to brightly coloured birds and lizards and a display of exotic orchids. More recently the Rainforest Habitat, occupying an area of over 3,000 square metres, has been purpose built to create a display of some 15,000 native and exotic plants, 21 species of birds including the magnificent Raggiana Bird of Paradise as well as crocodiles, lizards, butterflies, turtles, frogs and fish.