There are many clubs and associations which cater for a wide range of student interests.  The various sports each have their own club.  There are professional associations connected with the courses of study which students are taking.  There are also Provincial and National High Schools groups and religious groups of all denominations.  There are other clubs concerned with chess, music, video and film, and bushwalking, as well as martial arts.

All female students have an Association which organizes sports fun nights, the Bi- Annual Miss Unitech Quest and many other activities. Most of the Recreational activities are organized by the Students Representative Council l (SRC).



The Students‟ Union Complex includes a main building in which are located a large hall used for students‟ dances, social functions and meetings, a lounge area, a snack bar, a licensed premise, and offices of the Students Representative Council. Other Buildings in the complex are a Bookshop, a small Supermarket, a Vegetable Store and the University Medical Centre.