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Welcome to Papua New Guinea University of Technology (PNG Unitech), Lae Morobe Province. As the Head of the Security Team here at the PNG Unitech, I wish to sincerely welcome you to this great institution and I would also like to welcome you to the security webpage. Whether you need to gather information upon your arrival or to check out the current activities once you’re here, we want this site to be of value to you. I hope you will all take the time to familiarize yourself with the information listed within this site as a use tool during your stay here at this campus.

Our department is committed to the philosophy of affordable security and community service and policing and strives to maintain positive campus partnerships in order to enhance the overall experiences of all our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The PNG University of Technology benefits from a dedicated in house security team who are committed to providing a first class security service that engenders confidence, safety and wellbeing to the very community of which you are now a welcome member. Operating across the campus, we are available to this institution on 24 hours each day and night. We aim to provide support and advice matters of personal security, property safety, crime prevention, personal and estate and asset integrity. Your will find that we are pro-active in our efforts to deliver such services and that we work with our community and partners to preserve, maintain and enhance the overall experience of living, studying and working here.

That is our purpose !

Your safety is our number one priority; our staff prides itself on doing all it can to ensure your time on campus remains safe and enjoyable one. However, in order to make our campus as safe as possible, I would like to invite every member of our community to do their part by protecting themselves and each other and their personal effects and property. Let’s work together to continue to ensure PNG University of Technology is a safe place to live, learn, and work.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with and support you over the coming months and years and wish every success here at the PNG University of Technology when you come onboard.    As part of the University community, you will desire and expect the best possible experience ever whilst being employed or studying here, which will become your home during the duration of your stay here.

Mr. Alex Warren (BTCD, & EMBA, PNGUOT)
Head of Fire & SecuritySenior Assistant Registrar,
Fire & Security Department, PNGUoT

Priorities on the Campus 

  • Enhance compliance and conforming to the University rules and regulations and upholding the rule of law
  • Develop a safe/secure feeling on campus. 
  • Conduct regular faculty meetings with security and University administration 
  • Implement training program for security and staff. 
  • Update and draw up 24/7 response/security action and operational plans, operating procedure for the University as when required. 
  • Establishment of a well functioned CCTV system for the campus
  • Upgrade fire and safety systems within the campus 
  • Improve access control for all exits and improve security fencing within the campus
  • Increase response timing for call out and emergency responses 
  • Conduct campus security audits 
  • Have a conclusive Community Engagement program for interaction with the local communities campus residents

Requirement for University Security Personnel

  • Recognition of the contributions and value of each employee with employee of the month and year awards. 
  • Increase work standards and competencies through training& development, guidance, coaching and discipline. 
  • Increase employee technical skills and knowledge with on the job training and development. 
  • Improve employee recruitment and hiring procedures 
  • Improve employee retention. 
  • Develop management and supervisory skills. 
  • Develop employee incentive, recognition and awards programs 


  • Best known as the UNIFORCE 
  • Security main role is to ensure safety & security of all students, staff and Uni Assets 
  • Security also ensures the Unitech VALUES, VISION and its MISSION statement is achieved, 
  • Security is the ears and eyes of the SEMT through the Vice Chancellor 
  • Total man of 90 including admin staff 
  • Uni also has the external Police based at the campus and operating from the main security office. 
  • Police will arrest any one who is found be breaching any University rules 
  • Located along the Sarawaged Drive / opposite the Christian Centre.


  • UNITECH has an obligation to look after your safety and well being whilst being a student or staff on campus. 
  • The students have the same responsibility of looking after yourself and your valuables, whilst at the campus and out of campus. 
  • Rooms must be securely locked before leaving your rooms.
  • Valuables must be securely locked away (money, laptops, mobile phones & others) 
  • Refrain from going out into the nearby settlements for drinking beer or unnecessary visitation. 
  • Crime rate in Lae in high, you may easily get injured or robbed 
  • Seek medical assistance immediately and refrain from engaging yourself in any anti –social behaviour. 
  • Report to security office immediately if you have a problem.
  • Keep yourself and your living quarters clean at all times 
  • Seek medical assistance immediately if you are sick


  • PNGUoT is bounded by the  policy on Zero Tolerance
  • Alcohol, Drug or any illicit items are strictly prohibited within or any way with the premises of the 'Unitech campus area. 
  • Any one found to be in possession of these items will be booked and referred to USDC for disciplining 
  • NO ALCOHOL is allowed beyond the main mate 
  • Penalty / ies related to alcohol or drug is either 
  • Straight termination 
  • 3 years suspension 


  • Report ALL incidents / accidents / problems to the security office ASAP 
  • Seek for Security assistance if you are in trouble or in need. Do not hesitate to ask or make a call 
  • Always  keeps to University rules at ALL times 
  • Non compliance to 'Unitech rules’ will find yourself in trouble.
  • Respect is required by everyone to students, staff and dependants 


  • Main Security Hotline – 4734444 (4444)
  • Chief Security Officer – 4734215 (4215)
  • A / Chief Security Officer - 4734282 (4282)
  • Admin Office – 4734888 (4888)
  • Seek help from any security personnel around the campus. 
  • Ambulance do have security two way radio for assistance