Nursing College Introduction

With Government Visions we are in the 21st century with 2050 vision as the driving force for the people of Papua New Guinea. The national health plan 2011 – 2020 and the Vision 2050 pillar N0.1 is the call for Human Resource Development. The need for front line health workers is a critical issue at hand for the national department of health and the government to address. The World Bank Report of 2011 reveals that health workforce in the country is in the state of shrinking and therefore remedy has to be taken to produce adequate number of front line health workers to fill this widening gap within the next ten (10) years. With the shrinking health workforce, the health of women and children will not improve but will worsen. 

Papua New Guinea has a total of nine (9) nursing schools in operation. Five (5) are run by the government and the remaining by the Non-Government Organizations especially the Christian churches.

The Department of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology (DHERST) would like to increase the student’s quota intake each year but due to limited; student’s hostel space, classroom space, lack of maintenances of the facilities has allowed all nursing schools to take in less number of students.

Lae Unitech Nursing School is located  at Top town and on the top hill of  Angau General Memorial Hospital, Lae, Papua New Guinea

College Vision/Goal

The main mission of Lae School of Nursing is to produce academic excellence competent, caring and empathetic nurse graduates to provide holistic care with emphasis in health promotion and disease prevention in the provision of health care to the well and the sick in Papua New Guinea and the pacific.

Vision:  To provide confident and competent nurses for any health industries in PNG and abroad who will truly

 provide the desired holistic health care to the people both well and sick.

Mission Statement:  

To produce the desired competent nurses for any industries, some of these factors contribute to its
desired outcomes stated in the vision.


Nurse education in PNG has a colorful history in the colonial era. Nursing schools were established by the government in all major hospitals to educate many young nurses. After completion of studies they were employed within the hospital or community health services that provided care to the sick and for well people they provided health education to maintain good health and prevent illness.

Lae school of Nursing is one of the oldest nursing schools in the country which has produced many nurses. There were many nursing schools that were established by the government at that time and today only three of them are in existence while the others have closed. Our counterparts, the churches who also started six (6) nursing schools. Today only four are running Diploma nurse education program in partner with three State run schools.


Since its establishment in 1962, Lae School of nursing ran different categories of health worker training,

Started with Enrolled nurse, then to community health worker program and finally upgraded to General Nursing program.

 In 2003 the certificate General Nursing program was phased out and introduced Diploma General Nurse program. Lae School of Nursing is progressively working towards educating and graduating competent, confident and professional nurses for our country.

The Diploma program is a three year course.

The program is affiliated with PNG University of Technology and the university gives the credential awards.

All staff Information

Teachers – Qualified, committed and competent and experienced health care professionals (nurses). The valuable senior nurse teachers make the vision come through in disseminating knowledge and skills using their experiences and demonstrate right attitude as a role model to instill right attitudes to new student nurses. In return student nurses imitate those characteristics’ of a real nurse who is ready to serve in any conditions.

Head of Department/Principal:

Manase J Moya   Bachelor of Nursing (Monash University), Dip Com Health (UPNG), Diploma of Management  (Melbourne) Certificate in Public Finance Management, University of Queensland, Dip teaching- UPNG, Certificate in Child health, CAHS, RN

Acting Deputy Head, Senior lecturer

Pauline Kalate – Bachelor of Nursing (Monash), Dip. Child health (CAHS) RN

Senior Lecturer

Mangoa Kelly – Bachelor of Nursing (Monash), Dip. Teaching UPNG, Mental health CAHS, RN

Senior Lecturer

Elia K MacNell – Nursing (Monash), Nursing (CAHS), RN


Grace T Lani – Bachelor of Nursing (Monash), Dip in Teaching (UOG), Cert. in Midwifery (CAHS), RN


John Tumun – Bachelor of Nursing community health (UPNG), Diploma of Teaching (UOG), RN

Senior Tutor

Aine Tongamp – Bachelor of Nursing (Melbourne), (currently studying for Masters in Public Health) RN

Senior Tutor

Aimu Samandingke- Bachelor of Nursing (Monash), RN

Senior Tutor

Serah Kensye – Bachelor of Clinical midwifery (UOG), RN

Senior Tutor

Lucas Muka – Diploma in Teaching (UPNG),cert.Child health (Vunapope), RN

Senior Tutor (Part Time)

Dorcas Dion – Bachelor of Nursing (Monash), Dip Paediatric Nursing, RN


Jerry Mainao – Bachelor of Clinical Nursing -Community health, UPNG, Diploma in HR DWU, RN


Janet J Endopio – B. midwifery (UOG), Dip of Teaching (UOG), RN


Nichola G Polis – Bachelor of Clinical midwifery (DWU), RN


Phillip Warua – Dip. Sociology UPNG, cert. Child health, RN

Clinical Tutor

Melinda Gam – Dip. Midwifery, RN

Registrar /Accounts Officer

Antonia Karis – Dip. Accounting, clerical,

Administrative Assistant

Kumbai Pariwe – cert Secretarial

Deputy Admin Assistant

Edlyn S – Dip Secretarial studies


Stanley Michael – Cert library technician, UPNG

Assistant Librarian

Anasthasia Loubai – Cert library technician UPNG, Cert secretarial (now nursing student)

General Office Cleaner

Rachel Nick – No qualification

Ground maintenance

Max Perewe – No qualification


Nick Suambi – Tradesman (Welder)

Otto Sengi – No qualification

Catering Services

Aron Tani        – Mess supervisor, Trades man (catering)

Jimmy Narewe – Cook (helping hand)

Jack Jeremiah   – Cook (helping hand) Accounts clerk

Catherine Kaku – Cook (hospitality certificate)     

Dephney Bandi -  Cook (hospitality certificate)