Unitech graduate attributes are the academic abilities, personal qualities and skills which should be acquired by all graduates regardless of their discipline.  They are acquired simply as part of the Unitech experience.  Accreditation bodies require programs seeking accreditation to be offered in institutions that have their graduate attributes clearly formulated.

 A Unitech graduate is:

  1. A lifelong learner
  2. A critical thinker
  3. An effective communicator
  4. A cultural modernist
  5. Morally upright
  6. Technologically savvy

Each attribute has an academic dimension, a personal dimension and a transferable dimension.  The transferable dimension is about the skills that one can move with from one place of employment to another.  We can show these dimensions against the attributes of a Unitech graduate in a matrix as follows:


Academic dimension

Personal Dimension

Transferable Dimension

Lifelong learner

Sustained intellectual curiosity and use of feedback to reflect on their own work.

Sets aspirational goals for personal improvement and career growth.

Takes responsibility for one’s learning and development.

Critical thinker

Uses rules of inference to analyse complex issues and find solutions.

Calmly uses logic and critical thinking, and not emotion, in all situations.

Ability to find solutions to problems by using logical and imaginative thinking.

Effective communicator

Ability to discuss and debate issues articulately and confidently and convincingly.

Character of producing high quality written essays and oral presentations.

Ability to communicate and negotiate with others and to listen to them.

Cultural modernist

Familiarity with international standards and world cultures and human rights.

Tolerance of the religions and cultures of others.

Ability to work in a multicultural setting and comprehension and tolerance of religious and cultural differences.

Moral uprightness

Understand and act upon the ethical responsibilities of their actions.

Character of acting in a morally upright way in all situations.

Professional behaviour at all times.

Technologically savvy

Familiarity and use of technologies appropriately.

Keeping up to date with innovations.

Character of accepting new technology and quickly adapting to it.