The University of Technology invites various Industries and organizations in the country to participate in the Career Fair conducted every year. The event is a way to partner in a practical manner with potential employers in making students aware of career opportunities and prepare them for the workforce. The purpose of the event is to bridge the gap between the university and employer and to get students to interact with companies and businesses so they had an understanding of what employers expected.

Invitations are send to CEO’s, Managers, HR and Public Relations personnel of private, public and corporate bodies to showcase the following:

  • Graduate Development Programs
  • Study Scholarships
  • Recruitment drive
  • Research Collaborations
  • And other exciting partnership programs

Career Fair 2017

The Unitech Career Fair 2017 will be held on July 27th and 28th at the Sandover Carpark, Taraka Campus. The theme will be; 50 YEARS OF NATION BUILDING IN HUMAN RESOURCE THROUGH EFFECTIVE PARTNERSHIPS. 

Career Fair 2015

Unitech Career Fair 2015 was held at Taraka main campus on August 27th and 28th of 2015. The theme followed was: CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF PROVIDING HIGHER EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES IN LEARNING, TEACHING, RESEARCH AND COLLABORATION WITH INDUSTRIES AND COMMUNITY.

Over 30 companies participated in the event. Industries were asked to make prior BOOKINGS for sizes of booths. Tents was erected to accommodate booths. For those who preferred bigger spaces or had own tents can made prior arrangements. A fee of K100 was charged for standard booths. Industries who wish to Sponsor this event through donations were warmly welcomed. ALL STUDENTS FROM FIRST TO FINAL YEAR TO BE IN FULL PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE DURING THE CAREER FAIR WHILE MEETING THE VARIOUS INDUSTRIES.

The Career Fair day was advertised by circulating the Career Fair flyer and the program schedule.

Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr Albert Schram, said the event inspires in students plans of Identifying future employment opportunities.

“Our aim is to have highly employable graduates, and for that purpose we have engaged in a accreditation process”, Dr Schram said.

The crowd of students that gathered to witness the opening of this year’s career fair comprised mostly of students in their third and final years of studying. Most students were eager to find out more about the employment sector. 

Leslie Liyai is a fourth year Business Management student from Milne Bay.

Like many other university students at his level, he realizes the challenges of securing a job.

More than 30 business houses both in the private and public sector today shared information on how students can get jobs. Dr Schram said this year the university has moved another step forward by providing students’ database information to business houses to prepare students for employment after graduation.  As students continue to graduate from tertiary institutions with expectations of getting employed afterwards, employment opportunities remain narrow and can only cater for the few best.    

The event was covered by EMTV.

Almost half the population of third and fourth year Unitech students witnessed the annual career fair at the University of Technology Taraka campus in Lae. Unitech finally concluded with awesome turnout and excellent participation by companies.