Many of you will have already decided to further your education at the University of Technology, and for you, the following page contain useful background information on the University, and perhaps impart a flavor of University life.  For others, Unitech will be only one of a number of places at which you might choose to study.  You will find the booklet of help in coming to an informed decision as to whether or not you should apply for entry to the University.


At present, the University has over 3000 students and it has the capacity to take many more as the numbers of qualified school leavers and mature candidates continue to increase, as well as accommodation space. The University attracts a number of mature students, but the bulk of its students come from the National High and Secondary Schools.  Recruitment is at grade 12 level and equivalent.

Undergraduate Courses

Courses are based on semester system. The length of courses varies between two years for certain diploma courses to five years for the degree programmes.  Some courses contain one or more periods “in the field” for industrial or professional training, or literally in the field as in the case of Forestry, Building, and Engineering Students. Explore he below link to know more about Course Fee structure, Academic subjects and staffs.

Academic Life

Student Life is centred around Academic Life, Residential Life, Activities and Support Services. Unitech has a Student Representative Council (SRC) which represents the Student Body in all matters concerning its interests and welfare, both inside the University and outside.  The President of the SRC is elected annually by the Student body and has its Executive Officers.  The President is a full-time student.  Other students become involved in the SRC as members of its various Sub-Committees which include Social, Student Welfare, Disciplinary, Messing, Finance, Publications, Users and Transport.

Financial Aid

In general, fresh school leavers from Papua New Guinea entering the University receive a government grant commonly referred to as TESAS according to quotas and their gradings achieved at year 12 to each course as a TESAS.  This is awarded automatically for Schoolleavers, however Non-School Leavers are required to self sponsor for one full year before being considered for TESAS. Apart fronm Government Scholarships there are overseas ,provincial government and Corporate organizations sponsorship. For these the bodies advertise about the sponsorship and students apply directly.

Academic Departments

Unitech academic life is centred around its 13 Academic Departments, all offering undergraduate courses. The University‟s Academic Departments are scattered in close proximity to the Library and the Central Administration Building.