Service Units provide strategic support for the realization of the University's corporate objectives, values, and development goals.

The main Service Units are:

Information & Communication Technology Services (ICTS)

The Department of Information & Communication Technology Services (ICTS) supports and promotes intelligent use of information and communications technologies (ICT) for educational and managerial effectiveness and efficiency throughout the University.

The Department's responsibilities are organized into five functional areas:

  • Networking and Communications
  • Hardware and Systems Administration
  • Systems Development
  • Systems Maintenance
  • User Support and Services

ICTS is responsible for ICT hardware and software planning, evaluation, selection, acquisition, development, implementation and maintenance. It is also in charge of managing the campus network and the internet services.

ICTS maintains central servers and computer laboratories for use by students, as well as several computer-based information systems (IS), supporting the Unitech management and administration, including the academic register and student records system, the financial IS, the human resources system, and the library system. The Department also provides general software and hardware support services for staff.

As a key resource of the University, ICTS provides strategic support for the realization of the University's corporate objectives, values, and development goals through an ITS Master Plan that establishes the framework for further development of the entire ICT infrastructure.


UNITECH Printing

Unitech Printing Services is a well-established arm of the University. It has all the machines it needs in a printing oriented environment. We have machines that do Off-Set Printings and Copy Printings. These include all other necessary machines that aid which are needed for printing firm operations.

Unitech Printing is well established as the name depicts. It is a Printing Section of the University that deals specifically with printing matters. To name a few of its productivity, its all about the quality and efficiency. As such, Unitech Printing Services is established to serve the University and the country as a whole. We are specialized in all kinds of paper printing and we can meet your demand with quality and efficiency.

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Appropriate Technology & Community Development Institute (ATCDI)

ATCDI is a non-profit development organisation located at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Unitech) in Lae, Morobe Province.

Our purpose is to provide technical information & assistance to rural communities, and to research & develop new technologies that are appropriate for the PNG environment. Whilst we do not provide financial assistance, in some instances we are able to work with communities to assist with the application for funding from donor agencies. 

We also operate the Liklik Buk Information Centre (a book store and library) which provides development resources to the wider development community.


Environmental Research & Management Centre (ERMC)

ERMC is about collaborative research on environmental topics, fostering conservation of PNG flora and fauna, empowerment of the grassroots, and training of postgraduate students. ERMC is mandated to facilitate co-operation and coordination of disciplines involved in environmental research and management at PNGUT. It is also mandated to provide consultative, educational and advisory services on environmental issues in PNG and in other Pacific countries. Read more...

National Analytical Testing Service Ltd(NATSL)

We are PNGs biggest Nationally owned ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratory and have been in business for thelast 30 years.

1.Our Environmental, Food & Pathology offer complete Testing Services for Environmental Water Quality, Trace Metals, Food Feeds, Soil, Microbiological, Biological Tissues and Pathology.

2.Our Geochemical laboratory offer full sample preparation, Gold by fire assay with AAS or ICP finish, and base metals by 2,3 or 4 acid digest with ICP finish. Work is in progress to offer XRF testing service.



The Central Teaching Facilities Consist Of 4 Main Areas;

  1. Audio Visual Center
  2. Rose Kekedo Convention Center
  3. Duncanson Hall
  4. Haus Europa Ground Floor

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The Teaching and Learning Methods Unit (TLMU) is the resource facility and integral implementing arm of the university as it directly impacts teaching and learning. It is dedicated to the University of Technology’s vision “to be the leading innovative, entrepreneurial and student-centered University, contributing to a knowledge-based society in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.” TLMU contributes to this by ensuring a high standard of teaching among the faculty and work to promote teaching and learning as a scholarly activity. 

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