2025 Non-School Leaver Applications

Applications for 2025 is now open for Non-School Leavers & Re-admit Students who wish to study in 2025 Academic Year.

Application is online therefore Manual or emailed applications will not be accepted

Applications Closes on Sunday, the18th of August, 2024, 12 midnight


  • Students who completed their completed their Grade 12 studies.
  • Students who have discontinued, withdrawn or suspended from studies in their semester 1 of their previous year of studies.
  • Requirements For Re-admit students:

    • A non-refundable application processing fee of K50.00 must be deposited into PNG University of Technology, Account Number: 1000 386580, Bank of South Pacific, Lae Branch
    • Two completed Unitech character reference forms. The forms can be downloaded below
    • A copy of your current Academic transcript. Semester Result slips will not be accepted
    • A Readmission letter explaining why the University should accept you.
    • Students who have been suspended from studies must obtain a clearance letter from the Dean of Students.
    • Students who have withdrawn from studies on medical grounds must provide a medical clearance form from a recognized Medical Doctor.
    • And students withdrawing from other personal reasons must attach their copy of their withdrawal form.

    Requirements For Non-school Leavers:

    • A non-refundable application processing fee of K50.00 must be deposited into PNG University of Technology, Account Number: 1000 386580, Bank of South Pacific, Lae Branch
    • Recent passport size photo that is clear (scanned in .pdf format).
    • Copy of ID cards, Driver’s license, passport or NID card WILL NOT be accepted.
    • Application payment receipt (scanned .pdf)
    • Academic record transcripts/certificates that show grades/achievements (high school, college/university studies, vocational training, distance/open learning courses). All these documents must be officially certified within the current year (2024-2025) by a registered COMMISSIONER OF OATHS employed by government (including district court houses). Statutory Declaration Form are NOT accepted.
    • Your entire application will be rejected if those assessments are not officially stamped by the Commissioner or if you use a Commissioner not employed directly by government.
    • Find 2 referees who are willing to fill out the form attached below. Referees must be established adults who are not close relatives but who know you and your capabilities well. Evaluations must be less than 2 years old. Referee’s name and signature must be officially witnessed by a professional colleague from the same organization and its seal/stamp inserted to officially certify the reference forms.
    • Any document/s submitted after the application been submitted will NOT be accepted
    • Comply with instructions given on this form because appeals will NOT be accepted if your application is rejected

    Applicants must note;

    • If you have previously failed 2 times in the first year or a total of three (3) times during the whole program (first to final year) of study, you are automatically disqualified for re-admission into the same program.
    • The maximum course completion period for Degree Program is 7 years (i.e. normal four (4) years, plus three (3) additional years) and four (4) years for Diploma Programs (i.e. normal two (2) years plus two (2) additional years). If you have not completed your program within the prescribed period, you are automatically disqualified for readmission into the same program.
    • Applicants who are caught with forged/ altered documents will be BLACKLISTED and permanently disqualified from studies.
    • The university will not accept duplicate applications from an applicant.

    Any queries regarding the application form or the above should be directed to the Admissions Office on

    Telephone: (675) 473 4272 / 473 7289

    Email: admissions@pnguot.ac.pg