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Head of School

The year 2024 is promising as we embark on a full accreditation to Washington Accord of our refreshed Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) under the leadership of Engineers Australia (EA) which we gained provisionary accreditation in 2019. The School of Civil Engineering is the only Civil Engineering School in the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, our new name started this year, from the Department of Civil Engineering since its inception in 1968, and obtained its first graduate in 1972 and continues graduating at least 50 each year.

The School of Civil Engineering offers the following programmes:

Civil Engineering Vision

To be the premier Civil Engineering provider in PNG and the South Pacific that grows world-class Civil Engineers or technocrats for the real world. 

Civil Engineering Mission

To provide an opportunity to grow world-class Civil Engineers or technocrats through high-quality experiential Teaching & Learning, Research & Development, External Collaboration & Partnerships, Consulting Engineering, Commercial Testing, and Active Community Services with an ardent application of scientific and technological knowledge and innovation in Civil Engineering.

Civil Engineering Core Values

To live in a culture of world-class Civil Engineers or technocrats who are honest and accountable for what they do, who are aware and with inclusiveness in a culturally diverse world, who are resourceful, who work innovatively and creatively to meet the fast pace of development with sustainability, and who can work as a team to achieve the vision and mission.

Civil Engineering Graduates Attributes

Communication. Effective and appropriate communication skills to present a clear and coherent exposition of civil engineering knowledge and ideas to a variety of audiences across all levels of society.

Problem Solver. Skills to review, analyze, consolidate, and synthesize knowledge to identify and provide solutions to complex problems in Civil Engineering with intellectual independence.

TeamworkUndertake various team roles, work effectively within a team, and utilize effective teamwork skills to achieve professional outcomes. Apply interpersonal skills to interact and collaborate to enhance outcomes through shared individual and collective knowledge within their specialization.

Ethical. Act responsibly and with accountability for our behavior and practice ethically and professionally. 

Lifelong LearningRecognize the need for engaging in life-long learning to ensure contemporary knowledge within their specialization to address issues due to changing technical scenarios and the ability to address challenges using a problem-based approach. 

InnovativeCognitive, technical, and creative skills to investigate; analyse, and synthesize complex information and theories to generate appropriate theoretical and professional responses to problems in Civil Engineering.


We hope to have you in our School of Civil Engineering someday and together explore opportunities to help our country’s infrastructure improve.

Home of Civil Engineers