Prof. Macquin Maino

Head of School


Agriculture is an ancient profession and its history is as old as the ‘arrival’ of humankind. The significance of Agriculture Humankind coexistence is directly linked to the basic and essential human needs pertaining to food, feed, fibre and fuel.

These fundamental needs of humankind must be protected and made available in sufficient quantity and desired quality to all. Agriculture is the ancient culture that we must pledge to pay homage as our prized heritage. It is this most important culture that the School of Agriculture embraces, promotes and protects through the vision given above.

The message captured and crystalized in the vision is weighty: Investment in agriculture is investment for the survival of humankind!

The staff and students of the School of Agriculture labor to fulfill the intent of the vision for the holistic benefit of Papua New Guineans, and beyond her boundary. Gunnar Myrdal (1898-1987), Nobel Laureate in Economics, observed: “It is in the Agricultural Sector that the battle for long-term economic development will be won or lost”. If this conviction is to be realized, aspiring and practicing agriculturalists as well as those associated with this vocation must diligently harness and apply necessary aspects of the profession for common good.  

The School of Agriculture offers a science-based agriculture curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs besides conducting basic and applied agriculture research and disseminating relevant information to the community.