Department of Architecture and Construction Management

The mission of the Department of Architecture and Construction Management at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology is to serve as the regional centre for training qualified architects and construction managers with an emphasis on developing design skills in architecture; problem solving design skills in building; and a commitment to the concepts of professionalism and intellectual endeavour.

The department conducts research and development work to promote environmentally, culturally and economically sustainable forms of tropical architecture and building; conservation of architectural heritages; beneficial utilisation of local natural resources.

It also aims to advance the creative, technical and entrepreneurial talents of indigenous architects and construction managers.

The educational philosophy balances academic with professional learning and the Department’s staff training and localisation policy is designed to reinforce this philosophy by providing opportunities for staff to develop their professional skills in tandem with their academic interests.

Research priorities are closely aligned with the Department’s mission with a major effort being centred on the preparation of a comprehensive survey of traditional architecture under the auspices of The Papua New Guinea Architectural Heritage Centre. Other research projects focus on the development and promotion of contemporary architectural forms in response to local cultures and climatic conditions, locally produced building materials, grass roots tourist accommodation, management procedures for national building contractors, and investigations of appropriate housing solutions for the poor.

Consulting work is undertaken by staff to realise the Department’s mission and educational aims in the professional world by enabling staff to engage in consulting work through the University’s consulting arm Unitech Development & Consultancy Ltd. and its subsidiary UDC Architects Ltd.

The Department runs undergraduate courses in architecture and building and a post-graduate course in physical planning, the latter in conjunction with the University of Papua New Guinea