Academic Departments

With over 13+ Academic departments and endless possibilities, love what you learn our here and beyond our campus


Offering science-based agriculture curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs

Applied Physics

Offering courses in Applied Physics with Electronics and Instrumentation

Applied Sciences

Offering courses in Applied Chemistry and Food Technology and general chemistry

Architecture and Constructions Management

Offering courses in architecture and construction management

Business Studies

Offering courses in Business Accounting,Management and more

Civil Engineering

Offering courses in Civil Engineering covering design, construction, inspection or management

Communication & Development Studies

Offering professional training for public relations,community development and liaison officers

Electrical & Communications Engineering

offering extensive range of specialisations and a solid background in Power, Control, Communication and Computer Engineering


Only institution in the South Pacific Island Region that offers training in tropical forestry at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Mechanical Engineering

Offering professional mechanical engineering courses

Mathematics & Computer Science

Offering Service Courses in Mathematics and Computing

Mining Engineering

Offering courses in the fields of Mining and Engineering

Surveying & Land Studies

Offering courses in the fields of Surveying and Lands Studies


Offering open and distance-based academic programs