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ICTS Department

The Department of Information & Communication Technology Services (ICTS) manages, supports and promotes effective and efficient use of ICTS for administration, academic and other research activities. ICTS is committed to delivering quality customer service and technical solutions in the academic and administrative environment of the PNGUOT community.The Department of Information & Communication Technology Services (ICTS) supports and promotes intelligent use of information and communications technologies (ICT) for educational and managerial effectiveness and efficiency throughout the University.

As a key resource of the University, ICTS provides strategic support for the realization of the University’s corporate objectives, values, and development goals through an ITS Master Plan that establishes the framework for further development of the entire ICT infrastructure.

The ICTS Department will provide feature rich, integrated, supportable and secure technological environment that provides staff and students with seamless, any time, any place, access to the Information Technology resources that support and enhance their activities.

This environment may be categorized as follows:

Persistent – through an infrastructure that provides the facilities, security and support structures that facilitates “always on” services

Transparent – through services that are integrated, easy to use and reliable

Dynamic – will remain relevant in line with technological advances

Borderless – accessible from anywhere within the campus, at any time and to anyone within prevailing technology and security limits

Flexible – within agreed frameworks Community based – to enhance learning, teaching, research and administration activities

To offer high quality of ICTS systems and services that support teaching, learning, research and administration services through highly skilled and motivated staff.

The ICTS Department is committed to the following set of guiding principles

  • The ICTS Department recognizes the strategic importance of information technology and is prepared to invest in the continual development of its IT resources
  • The ICTS Department strive on continuous improvement in the area of communicate & develop policies and strategies that will govern the use of IT and provide direction on support of IT resources
  • The ICTS Department sees value for money as an important consideration in all IT investments and will seek to take advantage of economies of scale and solutions that reduce overall support costs wherever possible
  • The ICTS Department will implement industry standards, best practice and supportable solutions
  • The University will promote an ICT Service ethos supported by the most appropriate technology

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