MCS History

A department is a reflection of its staff, and over the past 47 years the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has been fortunate enough to have the services of scores of dedicated Papua New Guinean and overseas staff, leading to a dynamic and changing section of the University. 

Name Changes

The role of the Department changed over time so there was felt a need to change its name.  The Department started out (in 1967, in Port Moresby) as a section within the Faculty of General Studies [along with Language, Chemistry and Physics].   In the early 1970s the Faculty split into four independent departments, one being the Department of Mathematics   By 1987 the Department realised that it was about much more than teaching mathematics, and that a good proportion of our teaching and much of our consultancy was to do with statistics.  To reflect this the decision was made to change the name to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.    This name remained until 1992, when the impending introduction of a Computer Science program required a further name change – to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science