Unitech’s Online Education Programs provides more learning opportunities

THE PNG University of Technology is providing more learning opportunities for the working class or people who may not have the time to sit in a lecture room to study, through its online education programs.

The online education program offers seven-degree courses on online mode in Communication for Development Studies, Information Technology, Management, Accountancy, Applied Economics, Property Studies and a new program this year, Applied Mathematics with 180 new students admitted this year.

Program Manager Curriculum Development Alex Kambao stated that online education is the way forward for Papua New Guineans who cannot come to the campus for full time studies.

“It is the way forward for digital learning experiences as we strive to meet the digital world demands in the next five to six years,” Mr Kambao said.

“It is an advantage for students both working and not working to be part of the online education as they aspire to attain their degree qualifications in a technology-booming world.”

“We can already see with new learning methods, breaking from traditional barriers of classroom and teacher orientated interactions methods into a self-taught interaction of learning by utilization of digital technology.”

The online program is offered with parallel timetables to the same programs offered on fulltime (on- campus) with the same curriculum as part of the University’s strategic objective to improve its access and externalization of its programs.

“Courses offered online are Bachelors of Arts in Communication for Development, Property Studies; Business in Accountancy; Business in Management; Business in Applied Economics; Business in Information Technology and Bachelor Science in Applied Mathematics.”