Welcome and Wisdom: School of Agriculture’s Meet and Greet for New Students

The School of Agriculture welcomed its new cohort of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture students with a Meet and Greet program on Thursday, March 21, 2024. The event, co-chaired by Mr. Spencer Poloma and Ms. Betty Tiko-Motoro, kicked off with Ms. Tiko-Motoro extending a warm welcome to the attendees, followed by an opening prayer led by Mr. Poloma.

The focal point of the day was the address by the Head of School, Professor Macquin Maino. In his speech, Professor Maino highlighted the importance of passion for agricultural science and its role in community development. He drew inspiration from Gandhi, advocating for self-sufficiency and economic equality at the community level through agriculture. Professor Maino’s message underscored the essence of self-reliance in agricultural organizations.

Following Professor Maino, Deputy Head of School and Director for the Biotechnology Center, Professor Tom Okpul, emphasized the significance of ethics and honesty in academia. He cautioned against the misuse of generative artificial intelligence, stressing the need for responsible use of such technologies.

Professor Gariba Danbaro, also from the School of Agriculture and the University’s Dean of Postgraduate School, encouraged the new students to excel in their studies to qualify for the Graduate Assistance Program (GAP) Scholarship. He highlighted the benefits of continuing to graduate and postgraduate studies for their careers.

After the insightful addresses from the School’s professors, the program transitioned to staff introductions. Each faculty member took a moment to share their name, area of expertise, and role, creating a welcoming atmosphere that underscored the spirit of community. The formalities rounded off with a communal lunch, offering the new students a chance to mingle with their fellow classmates, meet the faculty, and engage with the seasoned members of the School.