About the Department

The Department of Business Studies has four Sections

  1. Accounting Section
  2. Economics Section
  3. Management Section
  4. Information Technology Section

Programs Offered

The Department of Business Studies offers a four-year degree program leading to a Bachelor of Commerce in one of four major areas

  • Accountancy (Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy)
  • Management (Bachelor of Commerce in Management)
  • Applied Economics (Bachelor of Commerce in Applied Economics)
  • Information Technology (Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology)

The courses offered are designed to allow, “Streaming” into each major area at the end of the first year of study. The Department also offers, on request, a Certificate in Supervisory Management. This course consists of 10 modules (designated herein as BAC, of 15 hours each, constituting a total duration of approximately 3 months.

The Department also provides service courses teaching in Architecture and Building, Engineering, Surveying and Land Studies, Applied Science, Mathematics and Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.

Students make use of well-equipped laboratories where they learn the capabilities, advantages and limitations of equipment for the needs of the community. Students also apply their knowledge of theory by producing and processing data for different types of businesses.

Research forms a continuing and important role within the Department as both staff and students concern themselves with activities related to specific problems in Papua New Guinea, particularly in the areas of small business development, accounting, financial management, accounting standards, macroeconomics and economic development in Papua New Guinea.

In these areas the Department liaises closely with the other departments within the university as well as other tertiary institutions, government departments and the private sector.