The School of Electrical and Communications Engineering was established in 1969. The School was originally located at the current National Analytical and Testing Laboratory. It was then moved to its present location in 1972. During its initial establishment, both the Electrical and Communications Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering Departments had a single Head of department. Professor Jack Woodward was the founding professor of the Electrical Engineering Department.

The first course offered was the Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering which was a five year course but abolished in 1972. The Bachelor of Electrical Engineering also a five year course was introduced in 1970. The course was then reduced to four (4) years in 1979 and has remained since.

The Communications Engineering course was introduced in 1974 and was a three (3) year Diploma course. The Diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering was later amalgamated with the degree course. The course was offered with a common two (2) year program for both degree and diploma. The diploma students then had another year making it three years to complete their course while the degree students took two years for a total of four years to complete. The diploma course was abolished in 2014. Currently, Students are required to enroll in the Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and may choose the Power or Communications options.