The Department

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is one of the most
important academic departments in the university as it offers the most
number of service subjects in mathematics and computer science to many
undergraduate and post graduate programs in the university.

The department has two main sections:

  1. Mathematics section
  2. Computer Science section.

And the department offers two undergraduate degree programs:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  2. Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics.

The department has over 20 members of its academic teaching
staff. Some of these are purely mathematicians, some purely computer science
professionals, while a few are experts in certain areas of both mathematics and
computer science.

The location of the department’s premises is between the
Duncanson Hall building and the Electrical and Communications Engineering

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is to produce quality research and graduates in Computer Science and to give suitable service courses in Mathematics and Computing, to all the other department in the University. The aim is to produce graduates in Computer Science of a high standard and comparable with similar graduates from other Universities in the Pacific Region, and who can provide the development,critical evaluation and application in their field for Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.