Dr. Kamalakanta Muduli - Associate Professor and Head of the Mechanical Engineering School


Mechanical engineering is one of the principal and oldest engineering disciplines. Its principles and applications can be found in ancient and medieval history. However, the profession has grown tremendously since the Industrial Revolution era (1750 –1900). Some other engineering specializations have emerged from traditional mechanical engineering practices.

The primary goal of the Schol of Mechanical Engineering at PNGUOT is to offer quality undergraduate education through student-centred teaching and learning, deliver research-based postgraduate programs, collaborate with industry and develop linkages with international institutions and partners. The school will also engage with the communities in PNG to deliver projects for mutual win-win situations and benefits. Undergraduate students in the school will be equipped with a framework for understanding and designing mechanical, energy, mechatronics & instrumentation and aerospace systems for diverse functions and applications.

The programs will develop skills and competencies for innovation and creativity based on proper exposure to engineering science and mathematical principles. Apart from the hard-core engineering courses, students will also take courses that will promote soft skills such as critical thinking, communication, teamwork, leadership, ethics and working independently. The programs will provide the necessary background for further specialization in research areas such as Design and Manufacturing, Thermal and Fluid Systems, Energy and Environment, and Materials. The department also encourages the UG students for acquisition of higher postgraduate degrees (Masters and PhD Programs) so that they become part of the academic staff of the school in line with the University strategy of 2020-2024 for developing the local work force.

Job opportunities are normally available for graduates of the School of Mechanical Engineering in various organizations including: Automobile industry, Heating & Cooling Systems, Power production, Water works, Steel & cement making industry, Building services, Manufacturing, Mining, Aircraft industry, Sales engineering, Consultancy &, Parasternal organizations, Research & Development, Academia, Banks and other commercial enterprises, Public Service, Transportation and the Military.

The Mechanical Engineering School offers a four-year undergraduate degree (UG) program, a two-year postgraduate program by coursework and PhD programs within the campus. The School plan to run simultaneously on-line and regular four-year UG program in the coming future.

The School is undergoing the accreditation of UG program with the Washington Accord since 2015. The School was given provisional accreditation of UG program in 2019 and continues to progress to get fully accredited by the end of 2024. Accreditation is a significant mark of assurance that the Mechanical Engineering programs meets the high standards set by the engineering profession. All the laboratories in the schools are in the process of being modernized with latest lab equipment’s and software according to the requirements of the accreditation.

Finally, continuous improvement of our program requires wider stake holders input especially from the industry, alumnae and public at large. I therefore welcome visitors, stakeholders and prospective students to the School as you navigate through the University’s website. Details of the undergraduate programs offered by the School can be accessed in the current Handbook. However, for further information, please revert directly to the School or post enquiries through the University website.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Dr. Kamalakanta Muduli

Head of School