First tsMAS awareness and training for 2023

PNG University of Technology hosted an awareness and training session for its academic staff on tsMAS LMS on Thursday, February 16, 2023 at the Rose Kekedo Lecture Theatre (RKLT). The training was conducted by the developer of the system, Mr. Lenz Nerit. This is also the first awareness and training session of many to come for 2023.

The session started with Mr. Nerit providing a brief background on the need for the system. He explained that the system was developed over five years ago as an assessment marks processing system for him. It was later extended and made available for his colleagues at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the university. Over time, the system developed into the learning management system it is today.

During the training, Mr. Nerit provided an overview of the teaching module and assessment module, and also discussed some administrative tasks that would be performed by designated system administrators. These included subject allocation, student list preparations, and MER processing. Mr. Russell Deka Harada, the director of the ICTS department whose department is providing the technical ICT support for the system, was also present at the event. (Mr. Harada actually organized the event)

More than 30 teaching staff were in attendance at the training event, which lasted from 10 am to 12 noon. While the session ended well, attendees of the event were advised to use the user manual (teacher guide) for tsMAS, which was sent out on email to assist them further.

tsMAS LMS has been trialed at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science for some time now, and it has helped in providing a seamless learning experience for students. The system has also made it easier for most of the faculty members to manage their courses, and assess their students. And for 2023 semester one, the university has used the admissions and registration modules of the system to effectively enroll students. The university is now planning to roll out the system for all its academic departments.

This training session is one of several that the university has planned to ensure that all its faculty members are well-versed in using tsMAS LMS. The university is committed to providing its students and various faculty members with the latest technologies and tools to enhance the teaching and learning experience.