Research Committee

The committees are set out in policy formulations, reviewing and monitoring the implementation of the policies within the TOR. In addition, the Academic Board of the PNGUoT, the peak academic decision-making body responsible for assuring academic quality, integrity, and high standards in teaching, learning, scholarship, and research. Several committees under the Academic Board help effectively carry out all matters related to the academic functioning of the University.

To make the committees robust, efficient, and dynamic in fulfilling the University’s vision, Postgraduate Committee, Research Committee, and the Publications Committee’s TORs are revised and realigned to the Unitech Strategic Plan 2020-2024. As a result, all these three Committees merged and came under the umbrella of  POSTGRADUATE STUDIES,RESEARCH AND INNOVATION COMMITTEE  (PSR&IC) with the following TOR and constitution.

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the PSR&IC fall under three categories, postgraduate study and research and publications. They are:

  • To formulate or review the postgraduate admission policy of PNGUoT at least once every three years.
  • To vet appointments of supervisors and thesis examiners of each postgraduate student.
  • To consider and approve examination arrangements and results for each postgraduate program and student.
  • To organize an annual postgraduate students’ research presentation.
  • To ensure compliance of postgraduate programs with the PNG NQF.
  • To recommend to the Academic Board names of students who are eligible to graduate with postgraduate qualifications.
  • To formulate or review the research polices of PNGUoT at least once every three years.
  • To consider and approve or reject applications for research funding
  • To consider and approve or reject applications for conference funding
  • To edit and publish PNGUoT Annual Research Report
  • To consider and approve the objectives of all academic publications produced under the auspices of the university for dissemination beyond the university
  • To consider and approve the terms of reference of the editorial board for each academic publication of the university
  • To call for and receive reports from each editorial board for academic publications of the university
  • To consider and recommend to the Vice Chancellor’s Committee for approval an annual maximum amount of funding for each editorial board.

Constitution of the PSR&IC

Membership of the PSR&IC will consist of the following:

Ex Officio Members:

  • Vice Chancellor
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor
  • Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic)
  • Pro Vice Chancellor (Administration)
  • Dean of Postgraduate School
  • Dean of Engineering
  • Chairman, Academic Ethics and Integrity Committee

Appointed Members:

  • One person appointed by the Vice Chancellor who will be Chairperson
  • Two Heads of Department
  • Two Professors
  • One academic staff with a strong background in research from each of the Natural Sciences, Natural Resources, Engineering, Business Studies and Environment groups.
  • A postgraduate student elected by the postgraduate students.

Membership: Members of the PSR&IC for the period January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2022, are:

Ex Officio Members:

  • Professor. Ora Renagi – Vice Chancellor
  • Dr Garry Sali – Deputy Vice Chancellor
  • Professor Kaul Gena – Pro Vice Chancellor (Administration)
  • Professor Shamsul Akanda – Dean of Postgraduate School
  • Professor Tom Okpul, Chairman, Academic Ethics and Integrity Committee

Appointed Members:

  • Professor Shamsul Akanda – Chairman 2. Professor Jacob Babarinde
  • Professor Cletus Gonduan
  • Dr Mirzi Betasolo
  • Mr Mathew Kuusa
  • Dr Patrick Michael
  • Dr Dapsy Olatona
  • Dr Wilson Kobal
  • Dr Rachel Aisoli-Orake
  • A Postgraduate Student elected by the postgraduate students (TBA)

Executive Officer: Ms. Lucy Aisi, Acting/Senior Assistant Registrar (PG)