The School of Applied Physics

Physics is the study of everything around us, from the smallest particle in an atom to the ever-expanding universe. Through Physics, you know how an engine of a vehicle works, a big jet plane that flies over the ocean, the conveyor belt and the control system that operates in the mines, food processing plant to other smaller things like iPod and the cell phone. We will give you the basic principles on how it all works, and you will find our environment welcoming.

With the Applied Physics Department, you’ll get personal attention as you pursue rigorous course work that includes an advanced mathematics, and you’ll work with faculty who are so much interested in your study. Students in our programs have the advantage of working in small classes that help students learn better.

We provide both individual attention and a broad spectrum of experiences. You’ll see how our excellent instruction applies outside the classroom with hands-on projects, including research opportunities, even for students seeking graduate program.